Farmers are being made into agricultural labourers: Farmer Organisations

In Assam, farmers are resisting land acquisition for an Adani airport and putting up a stiff resistance.

Large Jan Sabha in Khandbara, which saw active participation of many women farmers and agricultural workers. Different farmers' organisations like All India Kisan Mahasabha, Satya Shodhak Shetkari Sangathan, Shramik Shetkari Sabha, Manav Mukti Sangathan are co-organising this Yatra.

In India, while the government makes tall claims about Doubling Farmers’ Incomes, the income of agricultural households from farming (crop production and farming of animals) is not far greater than income from non-farming sources like wages and non-farm business.

The 77th Round survey of NSO on the Situation Assessment of Agricultural Households (data of 2019) clearly shows that despite the tall claims and promises of Doubling Farmers’ Incomes by Modi government, the income from farming (crop production and livestock farming) on an average at Rs.5380 per month is not significantly higher than income for an agricultural household from other sources like wages and non-farm business (at Rs. 4838 per month). This, despite the fact that 92.7% of the agricultural households are engaged in crop production during the Kharif season. Net receipts from crop production at Rs. 3798/month are in fact lower than wage income at Rs. 4063/month, for these agricultural households on an average at all-India level in 2019. Way back in 2013, as per the NSSO 70th Round survey, the net receipts from cultivation were Rs. 3081/month, whereas wages were Rs.2071 per month. In fifteen states of the country, the net receipts from crop production are lesser than the national average of Rs. 3798/month, which in itself works out to a meagre income of around Rs. 125 per agricultural household per day. It is clear that farmers of this country are being made into agricultural labourers when it comes to their main source of income. Surprisingly, Meghalaya has the highest crop production income for agricultural households followed by Punjab and Haryana.

Haryana BJP President’s remarks about farmers’ movement reprehensible

Haryana BJP State President OP Dhankar has made a ridiculous and highly condemnable allegation against the protesting farmers, saying that drug menace in Haryana has increased owing to the farmers’ protests! This is reprehensible and shows once again the anti-farmer attitude of BJP, said Samyukt Kisan Morcha. “We condemn this statement of the Haryana BJP leader and ask him to take back the same”, said SKM.

Corporate cronies of Modi Government facing protests from farmers in different parts of the country

As is known, Adani Agri Logistics had to pack up its operations in its dry port at Qila Raipur, following the protests by farmers in Punjab. Farmers have been pointing out from the beginning that the so-called “reforms”, for which the 3 black laws were undemocratically and unconstitutionally brought in by the Modi Government, were mainly to benefit corporate cronies of the government. Farmers of the country have understood that the Modi government is out to benefit corporates, by sacrificing the interests of farmers and other ordinary citizens. It is not just farmers around Delhi who know this, but also in other parts of the country. In Assam, farmers are resisting land acquisition for an Adani airport and putting up a stiff resistance. Farmers are resisting eviction from their lands, but also the takeover the management of the airport by the Adani group.

Kisan Sansads, Padayatras, Cycle Yatras, Samvad Yatras and other forms of support and solidarity across India

Meanwhile, across the country, farmers are adopting various forms of support and solidarity to strengthen the ongoing movement.

In Maharashtra, a Shetkari Samvad Yatra started in Bisarbadi, Nandurbar today. 38 farmers of Prahar Kisan Sangathan who are on the 8th day of a cycle yatra when they set off from Maharashtra on 9th September have reached Morena in Madhya Pradesh and later Dholpur in Rajasthan today. They will reach Ghazipur border in a couple of days after passing through Mathura and Palwal.

Nagraj Kalkutagar, a common man from Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka  on a padayatra from MM Hills to Singhu Border in solidarity with farmers movement. Nagraj, a geo-spatial technologist, began his Padayatra on 11th February 2021 and has so far covered 3250 kms on foot, over the past 127 days. He is scheduled to reach Singhu Border on 26th November 2021, when the movement would have completed 12 full months of peaceful protests at Delhi borders. By then, Nagraj would have covered 7000 kilometers in support of farmers and their demands, over 7 months.

SKM pays respectful homage to Comrade Kanchan (52) of Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra after his sudden demise; he was part of the movement at Ghazipur Border for the past 8 months and used to inspire people with his songs and skits.

Preparatory meetings are being held in various locations to make the Bharat Bandh on September 27th a great success. Today, planning meetings including with traders and merchants were organised in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and Sitamarhi, Bihar.

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