Fake news to create Fear, but the Farmers will keep on Fighting: SKM

SKM has requested the government to start vaccination centres for elderly and providing necessary facilities at protest places.


Samyukta Kisan Morcha(SKM) has condemned the govt and godi media attempts of spreading false news of shifting of farmers dharma to create fear among the farmers.

SKM reiterated that the farmers agitating on the borders of Delhi and in other parts of the country have never refused formal talks. They also pointed out the bigotry of BJP who do not acknowledge Coronavirus while holding election rallies but claim to deal strictly when there are programs against BJP, the government. Efforts are being made to create an atmosphere of fear among the farmers by spreading fake news, which the farmers will not tolerate and will also give a befitting reply. We also appeal to the farmers to continue the peaceful strike, while other farmers are requested to reach Delhi borders as soon as the harvesting and procurement work is over.

The farmers have kept themselves and the movement strong in every season and under all circumstances.

Government should make vaccination centres at Protest sites

SKM has appealed to the farmers to follow the necessary norms and guidelines like wearing masks and doing their bit to stop the spread of the virus. At the same time, SKM also requests the government to fulfil its responsibility by starting vaccination centres and providing necessary facilities at protest places.

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There are reports of conspiracy to attack farmer leaders. We not only condemn such efforts, but we will strongly oppose them. The government is losing every debate at the logical level, so it is trying to destroy the movement with violent activities.

Government should immediately repeal the agricultural law and give MSP legal guarantee

There has been a long demand from farmers that all farmers should get MSP legal guarantee on all crops. Three farm laws attack the MSP as well as food security and other facilities. In a constant dialogue with the government, it has been explained how these laws are exploitive and discriminatory. The government had proposed to make any amendment considering these laws as mistakes. Farmers have been demanding that all three farm laws should be repealed and a law should be made on MSP. The government is always running away from these demands. At every point, a new issue has been raised by the government with the help of some section of media. Arguments related to the repeal of laws and the law of MSP are being given very little importance. Despite all the efforts of the Government, SKM reiterates those demands. We demand from the government immediately repealing the agricultural laws and enacting a law on MSP is in the interest of the country and the farmer.

Tribute to Journalist Shashank Pathak

Apart from the farmers, many other people of the society have strengthened this protest with a selfless spirit. Journalist Shashank Pathak, who was continuously covering this movement, today died in a road accident while returning to his home. Samyukta Kisan Morcha pays heartfelt tribute to Shashank Pathak and sends consolation to the family. Journalist Shashank’s understanding of farmers and agriculture and the style of covering and delivering unbiased news to the public will inspire many people.


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April 2024


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