Fact check: Use of video of a mentally ill women for communal hatred against muslims

The police station has confirmed that the woman's name is a hindu name but still many social media pages and handles of BJP-backed are calling her muslim woman using the video as a hate speech.


A video of a woman stealing a picture of Bharath Matha is going viral on social media, claiming that “a Muslim woman in Maharastra is snatching a picture of a Bharath Mata”. Along with this video, religious hatred is also spreading.

In the video, a woman grabs a picture of the Bharath Mata and even assaults women and men surrounded there. In addition, smashed the mobile of a man who was filming the incident.

The video shared on social media, “A Muslim lady in Maharashtra blocking flag hoisting and trying to snatch Bharat Mata photo. Look at the liberty we have given them it is unexplainable, stupid tolerance.” goes viral by claiming this.

Many of the handles sharing the video from a political standpoint are BJP supporters. They are also going viral on Facebook with the same proposition.

The video is also going viral on Twitter and you can watch it here.

Moreover, this video is also uploaded on YouTube. You can see it here.

Fact check:

When searched for this viral video through a reverse search, it was revealed that the incident took place on January 26 in Thane, Maharashtra. The ‘TimesNow Marathi’ website reported the incident on January 27. According to the report, residents of an apartment called ‘Lodha Amara’ in Thane’s Coltsheet area were preparing to celebrate Republic Day.

According to TimesNow, the woman was a resident of the area, The woman came to the spot and grabbed a picture of the mother of India and raised the uproar. Other residents have called security guards. However, the woman had beaten them and even smashed the mobile of a man who was filming the incident.

Residents who saw the situation were finally called Kapurubawadi police station. Police have registered a case against the woman. The Times Now quoted the report as saying that some cases have been filed against a woman in the past, with some saying the woman’s mental state is inadequate. ABP Live and NavBharat Times also made a similar proposition.

In addition, the website men’s day out reveals that the alleged woman also tweeted about the incident. The woman has deleted this tweet now.

According to Men’s Day Out, the woman was using her Twitter account to call her Kanika Bhupinder Sekhri when she tweeted about the incident. Now it looks like they have changed their Twitter account name to Kanika Sekhri.

According to the tweets, a woman named Kanika Bhupinder Sekhri shared account of why she behaved in this manner. She quoted,

“And this is to the entire population of India. Yesterday when I went downstairs, a group of people of our society, so-called good for nothing “Lodha Amara” were arranging for Republic Day celebrations, hoisting flag and when I asked one of the heads of Lodha, what is the definition of Republic Day and the purpose of celebrating this auspicious day, then entire 50 people told me it was Gantantra Diwas. Just this, they didn’t know anything about this day. They were gathered just to hoist flag and there was Mata Rani photo in their dirty hands, that too in the hands of a man – that leader of Lodha. I tried to snatch the frame from his dirty hands because the rape percentage in India is very high. Still, these men are allowed to hold Devi’s photo or visiting Vaishno Devi or temples. A man abusing, beating, acid attacking, molesting, exploiting looting a woman are free to worship Devi.”

Many media outlets have reported that the woman is a psychopath. According to Men’s day out, the woman’s name is Kanika Bhupinder. It is not a muslim name and there is no basis to say that a woman is a Muslim.

For further clarification, gaurilankeshnews.com has called Thane Police Station, Maharashtra. She is a Hindu from Punjab. I cannot say that she was mentally ill because I am not a doctor but her behaviour did feel different. Some of the social media pages and handles of BJP-backed are using the video as a hate speech.


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