Dr. Kafeel Khan thanks his supporters and Supreme Court Verdict

Chief Justice of India S A Bobde bench remarked, "It seems to be a good order by the High Court, we see no reason to interfere with the High Court Order," 

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On Thursday the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal by the Uttar Pradesh Government against the Allahabad High Court order that quashed the detention order under the National Security Act (NSA) in September for Dr. Kafeel Khan.

The three-judge bench of Chief Justice of India S A Bobde and Justices A S Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian said, “It seems to be a good order by the High Court, we see no reason to interfere with the High Court Order,”

The decision came as a relief to Dr.Kafeel Khan who was dressed in a Sherwani on the occasion of his brother’s wedding. “My youngest brother is getting married today (Thursday). All I wanted was to be there for him, even if the verdict did not go my way” he said to TOI in Delhi.

He also later tweeted, “Supreme Court has dismissed Uttar Pradesh Government SLP to quash my Allahabad court order. Allah sukra Jai Hind Jai

The Bench was of the view that it is a good order and there is no reason to interfere with it.”

Later, he also tweeted pictures of himself with all those who had helped him.



Scapegoating of  Dr.Kafeel Khan

Dr. Kafeel Khan was working at BRD Medical College when the Gorakhpur Oxygen Cylinder Tragedy happened. He was suspended from his position as nodal officer in the Paediatric Department of the hospital. He has not been reinstated yet.

In January 2020 he was arrested and charged in NSA for delivering a speech in Aligarh against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The UP government had accused the speech of inciting hatred and threatening the unity of the nation. However, the Allahabad High Court had quashed the claim in its order by stating that Dr. Kafeel Khan’s speech was against the policy of the government. It was not instigating any form of hatred instead he spoke of national unity and integrity.

Despite that UP government has been relentlessly harassing him with various cases and questioned the Allahabad judgement in the Supreme court. This is a big relief for Kafeel Khan and his family.

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Relentless Passion: Health for All 

Regardless of all this, Dr. Kafeel Khan refuses to give up in his mission- The Right to Healthcare. He has launched more than a hundred campaigns for the same all over the country, and continues to provide assistance in different states across the country.

A week after being released from jail on 8th October, he had also restarted his “Health for All” campaign demanding free, accessible and good healthcare for all on the basis of health.

He has also made many observations about the state of healthcare in the country, which he wishes to bring to government and public attention.


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