Don’t re-introduce Draft Electricity Amendments Bill: Farmers to the Central Govt.

Farmer leaders have warned the central government against any reversal of its commitment with regard to the Draft Electricity Amendments Bill. In December 2020, during the talks with representatives of farmer unions of the ongoing struggle, the Government of India agreed to withdraw the Draft Electricity Amendments Bill. 

Any re-introduction of the Bill and passing of the same would be a reneging on the commitment made and would face an intensification of the agitation, warned Samyukta Kisan Morcha. 

Farmer unions of Haryana have yet again warned the BJP and JJP leaders, that their social boycott would continue by farmers of the state; and that the leaders should refrain from participation in public programs anywhere in the state. An ultimatum to this effect has already been issued, as a response to the anti-farmer attitude and behaviour of these leaders. This social boycott is against the backdrop of the protests against BJP State President OP Dhankar and BJP MP Nayab Singh Saini on April 6, 2021, and MLA Gopal Kanda (President of Haryana LokHit Party, who voted against a recent No Confidence Motion against Khattar government) in Sirsa on April 7, 2021, where police used water cannons on protesting farmers. SKM appeals to farmers to remain peaceful in their social boycott of anti-farmer politicians. 

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Full preparations are being made to strengthen the protest sites at Delhi borders, especially during the wheat harvest season. Thousands of employees associated with Democratic Employees’ Federation and Punjab Subordinate Service Federation of Punjab are setting off to join the protest sites on 11th April 2021, in support of the ongoing agitation. “The movement will not be allowed to weaken in any manner”, said Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) leaders. 

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Cotton farmers have strongly condemned the clandestine increase in the price of Bt cotton seeds by the Central Government. It is another attack on farmers, where the price has been raised by Rs.37 per packet of seed. According to farmers this would put an additional burden of Rs 14 crores on the farmers of Punjab alone.  Last year, the price was fixed at Rs. 730 per packet, whereas the supply of seeds has started for this season at Rs. 767 per packet. Farmers of Malwa belt of Punjab as well as cotton growers in other parts of the country will be affected by this price rise. 

SKM notes that Foundation has been laid for memorials for martyred farmers at different protest sites, at the end of the ‘mitthi satyagraha yatra’ that was undertaken in several states of India. The Union also noted that,  in support of the farmers’ movement, a member of the Uttar Pradesh State Women’s Commission has resigned from her post, and invites other BJP leaders to quit their posts too.



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