Delhi: The night Jamia Milia university was turned into a war zone

Delhi police reports directly to Home minister, Amit Shah

As protests rock the country over Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Jamia Millia University was turned into a battlefield when Delhi police entered the university campus without any permission or warrant.

Police entered the campus after news of some acts of vandalism around the area surrounding the university.

Police claim that they went in the campus to “push back the protest” and to push students to the university. Although Delhi police deny that any of Jamia students were involved in the burning of vehicles, police action on the students and staff of University smacks of prejudice.

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Deputy chief minister and AAP leader Manish Sisodia tweeted photos of a uniformed policeman and a man in ordinary clothes emptying canisters into a damaged bus, and a man in an orange shirt and a police helmet caning women along with policemen.

“It is clear from the photos that the BJP has done dirty politics and made the police light this fire,” Sisodia wrote.

The university has released a statement that their students or staff was not involved in the arson or vandalism in the protests.

Police entered the library and beat up students who were studying there, students who had nothing to do with protests.

A BBC reporter was also beaten during the police action on the campus.

Many students went to hide under toilets and under tables and were pulled by police and beaten badly.

Police fired tear gas at the university and the neighbourhood after the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act turned violent in some areas.

The area around Jamia Millia University is Muslim dominating area. Police entered some buildings and dragged students and started beating them. Over 50 students were arrested.

Police also booked AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan for holding protest in Okhla area. He has denied inticing any violence.

By midnight, the news of police brutality spread like wildfire and many students, concerned citizens, parents and student and social organisations held a demonstration in Delhi winter outside Delhi police headquarters.

More than 100 students were injured and sent to neighbouring hospitals.

The Delhi government has ordered all schools near Jamia shut on Monday.

The students and residents of the neighbourhood had been protesting against the amended citizenship law since December 9.






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