Farmers have been fighting in Delhi’s borders for 70 days against the agrarian laws enacted by the central government. But the central government, which has so far not been willing to listen to the demands of farmers, is making every effort to curb the protests.

Yesterday, Delhi Police under the central government started planting iron spikes on the road to prevent the entry of tractors to the protest sites at Singhu,  Tikri and Gazipur borders.

A concrete cement mix is being poured and barbed wire fenced to create a wall between two barricades on the Gazipur border.

The protests of peasants at the Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur borders of Delhi has only gotten bigger and intense. More and more farmers with their tractors are coming from Haryana, Punjab, and UP borders. Against this backdrop, the central government has put in place multiple barricades along with increased security. In addition, late-night trenches have been dug in the roads. Police have brought labourers from UP to put up iron nails on the road to puncture the tyres of the vehicles coming in.

At Singhu border police have installed four levels of barricades on the main highway of at the Delhi-Haryana border. Many trenches were dug up on the road on the way to the protest site, the pictures of which have gotten viral on social media.

Delhi Police and Rapid action force are present at the protest site in riot gear with iron batons. Many are questioning the need for so much force at the site of peaceful protests. Delhi Police personnel of Shahdara district have been given iron batons to protect themselves.

“The aim is to protect our personnel from attacks by any sword or sharp-edged weapon. It is for their self-defence. This initiative was taken by SHOs of the respective police stations of Shahdara district,” a senior police officer said.


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December 2023


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