Friends, we are about to make history. Never before in history have the people of this Republic been part of a parade of this nature on Republic Day. Through this tractor rally parade, we have to tell the country and the world about our plight. We have to bring forth the truth about the three Anti-Farmer Laws. We’ve to take care that this historical parade is not stained at any cost. Our victory lies in the parade being carried out in a very peaceful manner, without any unwanted events taking place. Remember, that our aim is not to conquer Delhi, but to win over the hearts of the people of this county.
Keeping this in mind, Sanyukt Kisaan Morcha (SKM) has come up with some unanimously agreed instructions for the tractor rally parade. Please share it with as many people as possible and in case of any confusion, reach out to the leaders of your respective organisations or call on the helpline number 7428384230.
Preparations before the tractor rally parade:
1. Trolleys will not be allowed in the parade. Only Tractors and other vehicles will be allowed. Trolleys with special tableaux may be exempted. Please arrange for the safety of the trolley from behind.
2. Pack 24 hours of ration and water with you. Make sure you have proper arrangements for protection from cold. It might be required if you are stuck in a traffic jam.
3. Sanyukt Kisan Morcha appeals that every tractor or cart should be fitted with the flag of the farmers’ organizations as well as the national flag. There will be no flag of any political party.
4. Do not carry any weapon with you, not even sticks and do not use banners with any provocative or negative slogans.
5. If you wish to inform of your participation in the parade, give a missed call on 8448385556.
Instructions to be followed during the Parade:
1. The parade will be led by with the cars with Farmer leaders. NO car/tractor shall overtake that car. Please follow the directions of our volunteers dressed in green jackets.
2. The route for the parade has been decided and marked. Police and traffic volunteers will guide you. Action will be taken against any car/tractor found deviating from the route.
3. SKM has decided that if any car/tractor halts/occupies an area without any reason, that car/tractor will be removed by volunteers. All the car/tractors in the parade will return to the starting point after completing the parade.
4. A maximum of 5 people including the driver can ride on one tractor. No one will ride on the bonnet, bumper or roof of tractors.
5. All tractors must proceed in a line and there will be no overtaking throughout the Parade. Please don’t overtake the vehicles of farmer leaders leading the parade.
6. Please don’t play music in the tractor. This will ensure that all announcements are heard by everyone in the parade without any hindrance.
7. Use of any drugs before or during the parade is prohibited. Any one found in possession/consuming drugs will be reported to the traffic volunteer.
8. Please remember that our intent is to gracefully carry out the Parade and win hearts of our fellow citizens. The policemen are also part of us; we must not indulge in any quarrels. Representatives of all news channels must be respected.
9. Please do not pollute the surroundings by throwing garbage on the road. You are kindly advised to carry a bag for disposal of waste.
Guidelines for Emergency:
Kisan Ekta Morcha has made provisions for emergency of every kind, so do not panic if there is any problem, just follow these instructions:
1. Ignore any rumors. If you want to check something or verify something, then have a look on the Facebook Page of Kisan Ekta Morcha to verify the truth.
2. Ambulances will be in the vicinity in the parade. Arrangements have been made with hospitals. If there is a medical emergency, call the helpline number or tell the nearest volunteer.
3. In case of any issue with the tractor or the car, place it on the side and contact a volunteer or call the helpline.
4. Helpline number of Sanyukt Kisan Morcha will be open for 24 hours for this parade. If you have any question or want to inform something, please call immediately.
5. If there is any unfortunate incident, then you can report it to the police control room at number 112.
*Helpline number* 7428384230
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Issued by Sanyukt Kisan Morcha


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February 2024


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