Dalit Youth Urinated on and defaced with Acid in Uttar Pradesh

Another shameful incident from UP has come to light where Upper caste goons beat up a Dalit Youth and defaced him with acid.


Saharanpur, UP: A Dalit youth was assaulted by some upper caste hooligans in the kanshiram colony, where the upper caste men urinated on him and made a trident (Trishul) with acid on his face.

Dalit youth’s fault’s was that he accidently spilled a glass of liquor while cleaning. This enraged the upper caste hooligans who then beat him and then made trident and OM on his forehead and cheeks. The young man was in pain and ran away without his clothes.

Adesh, a Dalit youth resident of Kanshi Ram Colony of Thana Sadar Bazar area informed police about the incident, but police has not taken any action against the perpetrators. The case comes under Krishna colony, Punjabi Bag,  Sadar bazar police station.

Support from Bhim Army

Adesh and his mother have accused that on 18th March, Adesh was called to work on some construction work. When he reached there the accused were drinking. They asked Adesh to clean the place. While cleaning, Adesh’s feet touched a glass of liquor and the glass fell.

After this the hooligans got angry and started beating Adesh. As if this was not enough they urinated on him and defaced him with acid. He said that four people held his hands and legs and other two, Vishal and Tinku made trident on his forehead. He begged them to leave him but they didn’t hear and said that they will teach him a lesson.

Adesh and his family has been making the rounds of police station but to no avail. There are 6-7 culprits in the case and one of them is a inspector in Meerut.

Bhim Army has come to Support Adesh

Bhim Army has also extended their support to the Dalit family and warned that if the family did not get justice they will come to the streets.

Its not Acid its a Chemical Reaction to Holi Colors: Police

Inspector Harinder Singh says that after medical examination report says its not acid but a reaction to holi colors. Investigation also shows that the youth was drinking with the accused and played holi with them and after holi, Adesh and two others faces reacted to Holi colors. He also said that Adesh has taken 10,000Rs from the accused and he has made this conspiracy so as he doesnt have to return the money.

Adesh and his family is constantly being pressurized to take back the FIR and is getting death threats too.


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July 2024


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