BJP’s MP/ MLAs won’t be able to walk on the streets, Tikait after the attack

After the attack on his convoy, an angry Rakesh Tikait warned if such kind of attacks continue on members of samkyukta Kisan Morcha then BJP’s MPs and MLAs will also not be also to walk on the streets.

Rakesh Tikait’s convoy while enroute to Alwar in Rajasthan was attacked Friday evening. The incident caused damage to the car but nobody was hurt. It is alleged that BJP members were behind the attack.

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Rakesh Tikait’s Convoy Attacked in Alwar, Tikait alleges BJP hand

Tikait says that the attackers are active members of akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and are close to the local MP Balak Nath and state BJP president Satish Punia.

Rakesh Tikait had appealed to Samyukta Kisan Morcha( SKM) and farmers all around the country that the attack was a BJP plot which is now exposed. But he has appealed all farmers to not take any action against this attack.

Tikait has said- “We will discuss this matter in next Samyukt Kisan Morcha meeting and next course of action will be decided. we are not afraid of this Sanghi conspiracy and our programs will continue as planned.

He further added – If such attacks will continue to happen to leaders of Samyukt Kisan Morcha then even BJP MP and MLAs won’t be able to set walk on the roads.

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Tikait has been traveling extensively across the country and addressing farmer Mahapanchayats talking about the three farm laws. Farmers across the country have been protesting against the laws and are demanding for legalisation of Minimum Support Price (MSP).

Following the Mahapanchayat in Shivamogga where Tikait had called for a sit-in protest in Karnataka, an FIR was filed against him. On March 31, 2021 talking in Belagavi the farmer leader noted that the farmers in the country are determined to keep their struggle going for another eight months.


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