Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Aazad Arrested by UP Police

Chandrashekhar Aazad was arrested on his way to meet the family of Satyamev Jayate, a Dalit village head who was killed by upper castes in Azamgarh, UP

chandrashekhar azad arrested

Bhim Army Chief and leader of Azad Samaj Party Chandrashekhar Aazad was arrested by the UP police yesterday while he was on his way to meet the family of Satyamev Jayate, a Dalit village head who was killed by upper castes in Azamgarh, UP. Along with him, around 400 people who were accompanying him have been arrested as well. 

When Chandrashekhar Azad arrived at Azamgarh to meet the family along with 400 others, the police stopped him at the border of Azamgarh under the jurisdiction of Atraulia police station at the Lohra Tol Plaza, and didn’t allow him to enter. As a result, he began a dharna at the border itself. The dharna went for about 3 hours, and at around 7 pm, everyone was arrested.

Satyamev Jayate was murdered on the eve on Independence Day in Azamgarh, and is survived by his joint family of 30. His elder brother held 4 youth responsible for the murder, named Shreyansh Kumar Dube, Vivek Singh aka Golu, Vijendra Singh aka Gappu, and Wasim. In the days leading up to the murder, Shreyansh Kumar Dube had asked Satyamev Jayate for a character certificate. Since Dube’s father had asked him to refuse, he had said no. Dube came to his house many times to argue about this. 

Two days before the murder, he had arrived drunk at Satyamev Jayate’s house and using verbally abusive language, had threatened to kill him. On August 14, he called Satyamev Jayate out saying that someone from the village was calling him and drove him to the scene where they had already arranged for a shooter. The shooter shot and killed Satyamev Jayate. While villagers were protesting following his death, the police lathi-charged on the crowd, and in the chaos that followed, a child came under the wheels of a police vehicle and died. According to Satyamev Jayate’s niece, some people have been coming to the village and threatening them saying that only one murder has taken place, but nine are yet to come. 

Before Chandrashekhar Aazad, the Azamgarh police also stopped members of opposition parties from entering the area, including Ajay Kumar Lallu, President of the Uttar Pradesh State Congress Committee, the MP P.L Puniya, and Maharashtra Cabinet Minister and Chairman for SC department of All India Congress Committee, Nitin Raut, who has also been arrested. 


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