Bengaluru: Schools hike fees during Covid 19, last straw that might break camel´s back

The private educational institutions have increased the fee by 5% in the name of recruiting more cleanliness workers, incorporating thermal scanning, sanitization facilities


Bengaluru: At a time when people are already burdened by COVID-19 related economic crises  families of wards have to overcome yet another tide as they are being forced by private educational institutions which instead of reducing the fees are demanding additional fees in the name of the pandemic.

People are already under dire economic distress due to lockdown followed by loss of jobs and livelihood. The widespread infection which is drastically increasing has continued to haunt the people. Amidst this, private schools have added a new head in fee structure in the name of COVID 19 which has added to further miseries for the parents.

Soon after the restrictions were relaxed in the Unlock 4 guidelines educational institutions were permitted to hold online classes till Sep 30 and recommended opening from October 1. But in the name of recruiting more cleanliness workers, incorporating thermal scanning, sanitization facilities the schools has enhanced the fees which has not gone well with the parents.

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The government has directed institutions to sanitize frequently touched surfaces including laptops, computers over which the institutions are banking upon.  To tackle the infection private institutions have enhanced the fees by 5 % and expect the parents to understand the difficulties and expenses involved for the effective handling of the issue the institution management exhorts.

However, the Primary and Secondary Education minister S Suresh Kumar expressed shock over the raise in fees by educational institutions. “This is very strange, In the name COVID, they should reduce the fees, not levy more. I am going to take necessary action against it” he stated.


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April 2024


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