Bengaluru school launches ‘Freedom From Fees’ Program

Under the 'Freedom From Fees' program, education is provided free to wards of Covid Warriors who are in financial distress until March 2021.

Freedom From Fees Program
Freedom From Fees Program

The Freethinking School in Bengaluru has started its ‘Freedom From Fees’ program wherein parents can pay for their wards’ education as they wish. Under the ‘Freedom from Fees’, parents can pay as they wish’. Parents are asked to pay how much ever possible and whenever possible towards school fees.

The program is introduced in the times when private schools are demanding pressurizing parents and guardians to pay an exorbitant amount of fees during corona affected times in the garb of providing online education to its students. The private schools are doing so despite several governmental orders to not pressurize parents to pay school fees.

The school in Bengaluru which is following the Montessori model of education has asked parents to pay fees in accordance with their financial abilities. This program is applicable till the month of March in 2021. The monthly subscription program is applicable to early year children. The school has also requested parents to get the wards of their drivers, house helps and other employees admitted to the school so that they could be educated without having to worry much about the ability to pay fees in these difficult times. The program is also offered free for the wards of COVID Warriors.

Sandy Philip, Directress of The Freethinking School said to Deccan Herald that “In harmony with this spirit of freedom, the program is offered free to frontline Asha workers, nurses and other COVID warriors. It has been my dream to take Montessori to the masses. My vision was always to make quality education accessible, reachable…”

More details about the same can be accessed from its website here.

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