Bengaluru: Protests demanding justice for 9-year old Dalit Girl’s Rape and Murder

The main slogan that reverberated the Maurya Circle Junction was "Dalit girls are India's daughters too."

The protest took place near the Gandhi Statue at Maurya Junction, Racecourse Road.

The rape and murder of a 9 year old Dalit girl has once again raised the issues of caste based sexual violence across the country. There is also a growing demand for justice and punishment to the perpetrators as in most cases of sexual assault the perpetrators remain scot-free.

Yesterday the Maurya Circle in Bangalore witnessed protests by organisations like the Dalit Sangarsha Samiti (DSS) and Karnataka Janshakthi (KJS) against the increasing cases of caste based atrocities in the country.

The main slogan that reverberated the Maurya Circle Junction was “Dalit girls are India’s daughters too.”  The DSS collaborated with Karnataka Jansahakthi and other organizations involved with social causes and human rights.

Mavalli Shankar, state convener of DSS (Ambedkar Waada) referred back to the 1970s when women working under Zamindars were harassed and and said the situation persists even today. He added that in the country where young girls get raped even in temples, and the ‘corporate gods’ remain mute on such incidents, the Prime Minister seems too busy to tweet on such grave matters.

The protestors raised slogans on the lines of “420 BJP Government down down” and expressed their dissatisfaction with a government that does nothing to prevent atrocities on women and Dalits.

Three prominent activist leaders. Narasimhamurthy(left); Mavalli Shankar (Center); Guruprasad Keregodu(Right)

Sripad Bhat, one of the speakers said Social Security and Dalit upliftment go hand in hand, and it is necessary for people to create awareness on the matter. It is also necessary to include it in education and bring the concept into action to provide relief to all those abused and downtrodden, he added.

The demonstrators raised the issue of how the Modi Government’s “Beti Padao, Beti Bachao” and “Acche din” haven’t turned out to be true. Guruprasad Keragodu, a senior Dalit Activist posed a question to the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, and the society asking if Dalits aren’t Indians and why such gross injustice is meted out to them.

Gowri, a prominent member of Karnataka Janashakthi spoke on how the society is degrading to the extent that rapes are getting more and more brutal. Rape victims are murdered and now their bodies are being burnt to remove any proof or evidence.

Ms. Gowri told GLN that their organization helps those in need by assisting in the process of legal aid. They verify the issue to confirm if it is true and then see how to take the matter forward. The organization recently helped a victim of domestic abuse and sexual harassment and a case has been filed at the court. Currently, the victim lives away from her abusive husband and is in a safe environment.

Towards the end of the demonstration Yuva Munnada, a student organisation sang the modified version of a song written by Kannada poet Siddalingaih. “Who were the ones who received Narendra Modi’s acche din?” the lyrics said.

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