Belur: Dalit Youth Beaten for Staring at Upper Caste Men

Two men of dominant Lingayat community have allegedly thrashed brutally to a Dalit man merely for staring at them.


Hassan: The incident was reported from Belur taluk of Hassan district on Thursday. The Dalit man, who is injured, has been admitted in government hospital in Belur.

Sunil Kumar has given a complaint to the police about the incident. Speaking to he said that the police had still not filed any FIR. The police meanwhile had said that since the complaints were being received from either side, thus the FIR will be filed later.

The incident took place in Mallenhalli village of Belur taluk where Sunil Kumar (30), a Dalit youth was reportedly taking his cattle. At that time, two men of Lingayat community, Chandregowda and his son Lokesh alleged that the Dalit man was starting at them angrily.

After this, both men began thrashing the youth and used derogatory remarks. Beluru police station Sub Inspector, Patil said that the complaint has been given about the incident. People of both sides are coming to the police station for talks. “ If the talks fail in finding an amicable  solution, then we will file a case. All relevant charges under IPC will be applied”, he said.


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