Ayodhya: BJP leader chased away by villagers, saved by police

Baba Gorakhnath had come to attend the last rites of the village chief when he was verbally abused and chased away by supporters of BJP MP Lallu Singh.

A viral video of BJP MLA Baba Gorkhnath being verbally abused and chased away by villagers has been going around in social media.


Baba Gorakhnath, who is a BJP MP from Milkipur constituency, had to save his life and run through the sugarcane fields to save himself. It’s been said that the supporters of another BJP MP Lallu Singh were behind the incident.

The incident took place in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. This incident took place when Baba Gorakhnath among others had come to attend the last rites of another BJP minister. He was forced to escape the scene, as he was chased by the villagers, who were angry at him, beating and abusing him. He had to run through the nearby sugarcane fields, to save his life from the angry villages who were chasing him to beat. And the police present at the scene helped Baba Gorakhnath escape and saved him from the angry villagers.

The origin of the story was the two murders that had happened in the village.

According to News18, on 18th May, there was a gram Panchayat session held about the establishment of a building in Dharamganj Bazaar. During this session there was a heated argument between Jayprakash Singh, the village chief, and a BJP leader and Ram Padarth Yadav, who was runner up in the village chief election. After the argument Ram Padarth Yadav shot and killed Jayprakash Singh. Later, in the same incident an unknown person shot at Ram Padarth and he too was killed. After the postmortem the cremation and last rites of them were taking place outside the village on the same evening.

Baba Gorakhnath had come to attend the last rites of the same, where he was chased and beaten by supporters of BJP MP Lallu Singh. The slain BJP leader and a village head and BJP leader Baba Gorakhnath did not have a friendly relation with Jayprakash Singh. The incident has exposed factionalism in the local BJP unit.


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