Anti-CAA protests update: Detentions, non-bailable arrests, lathicharge, teargas on Protesters

Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, both BJP ruled states saw instances of police violence whereby one person was killed in Lucknow in police firing.


Yesterday the country saw people come to streets in unprecedented numbers defying prohibitory orders in many states to protest the controversial citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA). Today also protesters are planning demonstrations in several parts of the country.

Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, both BJP ruled states saw instances of police violence whereby one person was killed in Lucknow in police firing.


Bangalore saw protests where police detained people but later when the numbers grew police were on the back foot and protests went peacefully. Students from various colleges are planning to have anti -CAA protests today.

Mangalore witnessed large protests yesterday against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act- National Registry of Citizens. However, by evening, the protests turned violent when police fired directly at protestors leaving 2 dead.

The victims are identified as Jaleel Kudroli (49) and Nausheen Bengre (23) and were brought to Highland Hospital. As the news of the death spread, people started gathering outside the hospital that led to some confrontation between the police and people. Later in the night, many videos emerged of police entering the hospital in riot gear, firing tear gas and indiscriminately beating patients, their relatives and many of the hospital staff.

Parts of Coastal Karnataka has been put under high alert with a curfew in Mangalore. There is internet shutdown till tomorrow in mangalore.


Bhim Army leader Chandrashekhar Azad is planning to hold protests at jama Masjid today afternoon. Parts of delhi are facing internet shut down. Some congress leaders were arrested for protesting outside Amit Shah House. Some areas of the city are put under section 144.


North Kerala, esp the areas adjoining karnataka is on high alert after yesterday’s protests. One journalist from kerala was arrested in mangalore protests.

Uttar Pradesh

Despite section 144, people came out to protests in Lucknow and Sambhal against CAA. These areas also saw violent protests. In Lucknow, one youth was killed in police firing. Around 200 protesters were arrested in Lucknow.

In Varanasi, 69 people were arrested during the peaceful protest against CAA and NRC. Most of these are BHU students and social activists. Police also made arrests a day prior to the 20th Dec protests to prevent the protests. Police have detained them under section 296/19 ,332,353,147,148 of CRC. These sections are against serious crimes and come unbailable offenses.

Over all 3,305 were arrested yesterday. In Lucknow and many districts, mobile and internet services are down.


Around 600 prople were arrested in the anti -CAA protests including actor Siddharth and musician TM Krishna. Madras University students were also arrested. Actor kamal Hassan came out in support of the students calling the CAA as state terrorism.



In Ahemdabad, 5 thousand people were booked yesterday for alleged stone pelting at police personnel. These people are booked under grave offences of an attempt to murder and interfering a public officer in his duty. Yesterday congress MLA Shahzad khan and 49 people were arrested.

Jignesh Mewani, an independent MLA was also detained yesterday by the police.


The city police denied permission for protests at 2 places and many students and activists were taken into preventive custody before the planned protests in Hyderabad. later in the day, protesters gathered at necklace road to protest against the CAA-NRC.

kadapa, Andhra Pradesh


Adoni, Andhra Pradesh


Despite Section 144 imposed in about 44 districts, peaceful protests were reported at kandhwa and Bhopal.





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