Amid Farmers Detentions, Modi-Shah effigies Burnt across the country

Police try to prevent putla dahan in Madhya Pradesh. In Tamilnadu, BJP workers attempt to attack protestors during the demonstrations.

Puri, Odisha

All over India yesterday and today, effigy-burning of BJP leaders like Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Narendra Singh Tomar, Yogi Adityanath, Manohar Lal Khattar, Ajay Mishra Teni and others took place as per SKM’s call to symbolise the triumph of good over evil.

Samyukt Kisan Morcha had earlier clarified that depending on the local situation, the program may be implemented either on October 15th (Dussehra day) or October 16th. There are reports from numerous states about this symbolic action had taken place.

In Uttar Pradesh, multiple reports have come in of the UP Police taking farmer leaders into preventive detention and house arrests to prevent this coordinated action. SKM condemns this repression by the UP Police. Despite such action from the administration, in many places, the program was conducted peacefully.

Police try to prevent putla dahan in Madhya Pradesh too – BJP workers attempt to attack protestors in Tamil Nadu

In Madhya Pradesh, it is seen that where farmers have assembled for the putla dahan, police is forcibly preventing them from taking up the effigy burning in places like Guna and other places.

Guna, MP

In Tamil Nadu’s Karur, BJP workers tried to clash with protestors of SKM to prevent them from taking up the burning of the effigies.

Chennai, Tamilnadu
Vuyyuru, Andhra Pradesh

Many places in Odisha effigies were burnt yesterday.

Jashipur, Odisha

The movement will grow stronger with peace and non-violence as its cornerstones: SKM

SKM strongly condemns the brutally violent incident of torture and murder that happened in Singhu Border yesterday. It also demands an investigation into the allegation of conspiracy to sabotage the movement through sacrilege and promotion of disturbance by hurting religious sentiments. From media reports from the victim’s village and family, it appears that he had been receiving mysterious calls which he would take in secrecy. Victim Lakhbir Singh is supposed to have told his sister that ‘his reach has increased now and has gone far’. After a wedding in the village, he is supposed to have gone away with someone in the attire of a Nihang Sikh and landed up with a Nihang group in Singhu Border since then. All this information points to a deep conspiracy of some sort, as SKM has been pointing out. Samyukt Kisan Morcha also states that the movement will continue to grow stronger despite various setbacks, and peace and non-violence will continue to be the cornerstones for the historic movement.

In hundreds of places across Punjab, effigies were burnt today.

Rampura-Bhatinda, Punjab
Barnala, Punjab

Our Food Systems need to be redesigned for equity, sustainability and nutrition and this is not possible in a corporatised paradigm of food and farming: SKM

Today is World Food Day. India slipped further in global hunger ranking in a shameful manner, from 94 out of 107 countries last year, to 101 out of 116 countries this year, despite boasting about record production of food grains, milk, fruits and vegetables, fisheries’ produce and so on. It is another matter that Government of India is contesting India’s ranking in the list. But the widespread unacceptable incidence of hunger and malnutrition cannot be denied. It is not just production, but the overflowing public granaries which don’t reach the needy that needs to be looked at. The fact that India’s food security basket assured under the Public Distribution System has not been diversified to deliver on true nutrition is a lose-lose proposition for both farmers and consumers (in many instances, these are overlapping categories), as well as our environment.

Puri, Odisha
Shahjahanpur Morcha, Rajasthan

The corporatisation paradigm being promoted in our food and farming systems, represented by the 3 anti-farmer laws and other policies, is truly problematic and that is what the current farmers’ movement is about. The movement is trying to establish equity, viability, sustainability and nutrition security into our food systems, in its pushback against corporate control over our food and farming systems. Within this pushback are issues of skewed cropping in the country, so-called ‘fortification’ of food to allow more corporate takeover of our food, de-regulation of food stock-piling and freedom to black-market, dismantling of PDS, trade liberalisation allowing subsidised dumping of produce into our markets pushing down purchasing power in our rural economy, destruction and corporatisation of forests, diversion of rice to ethanol production and several such reductionist non-solutions.

Efiggy burning at Muzzfarpur, Bihar
Etawah, UP
Patna, Bihar
Tikri Border, Delhi

Very well-attended Kisan Mahapanchayats are happening in various locations of several states at this point of time. Today, there was a massive turnout in Rohtak in a Kisan Mahapanchayat for which preparations have been underway for several days now. This is at the Makrauli toll plaza.

Jeera Mahapanchayat, Punjab
Effigy Burning at Jeera, Punjab

Tens of thousands of farmers gathered in Jeera in Firozepur district of Punjab yesterday in one such Mahapanchayat addressed by many SKM leaders. Before this was the Mukerian Harsa-Mansar toll plaza based Mahapanchayat in Hoshiarpur on October 11th in which farmers from Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir also participated apart from Punjab farmers. On 17th October (tomorrow), there is a massive Mahapanchayat being planned in Amroha (Joi ke Maidan on Joya road) of Uttar Pradesh.

In Uttar Pradesh, state government Minister Mr Baldev Singh Aulakh was confronted with a peaceful black flag protest day before yesterday. SKM warns BJP leaders of such protests spreading.

Today, there was a fire at Singhu Border morcha in which several tents were gutted down.

Today is the birth anniversary of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, who is credited with taking away lands from Jagirdars and ensuring that the tiller became the owner.


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