“Ambedkar Habba” to be Celebrated at Spoorthi Dhama, Awards to Six Activists

During the program, six activists will be honored with Bodhivruksha and Bodhivardhana award for working towards upliftment of the downtrodden communities.


Bangalore: With the message of shedding hatred and building the nation by spreading communal harmony, the organization, Spoorthi Dhama has decided to celebrate the birth anniversary of B. R. Ambedkar this year.

The event is scheduled to be held on April 14 at office of the organisation located at Anjana Nagar of Magadi road in Bangalore.

During the programme, six activists will be honored with Bodhivruksha and Bodhivardhana award for working towards upliftment of the downtrodden communities.

The event will take place today during Ambedkar festival where various cultural events to showcase the unity and brotherhood of the country will be performed by various artists.

The events will have dance, songs, poetry recitation, painting and exchange of thoughts in the morning.

The award distribution function will be held at 6:00 pm, which will be inaugurated by Former Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition in Assembly, Siddaramaiah.

President of Spoorthi Dhama, S. Mariswamy to preside over the function. Justice V. Gopalgowda to distribute awards. Activist G. Ramakrishna to be the chief guest.

 Bodhivriksha Award

The Bodhivriksha Award will be given to Dr. R. S. Praveen Kumar. He has dedicated his
life to impart holistic quality education as an administrator of Social Welfare & Tribal Welfare Residential Schools in Telangana/Andhra Pradesh. The schools have transformed the lives of more than 2 lakh children of daily wagers/other labourers. His endeavours have created a metamorphic change in such communities. In the last 5 years, 325 students have secured medical seats, 220 made it to IIT/NIT’s and thousands to country’s top universities and have come out with flying colours.

To infuse the culture of sharing the knowledge, he has initiated student led village learning circles, thus taking the community towards development.

Born in Allampur village of Telangana’s Mahabubnagar dist., Dr. R. S. Praveen Kumar, was an IPS officer. He quit his profession to quench his heart’s calling to empower the downtrodden communities after 24 years of yeoman service. The 55 year old Messaiah, who is on a yearlong ‘Bahujan Yaatra’ in Telangana now, has reiterated the power of knowledge and redefined the persons and personalities.

 Bodhivardhana Awards

Mr. Guruprasad Keregodu: Guruprasad Keregodu, State convenor of Dalit Sangharsha Samithi has committedly engaged in the movement since its inception. His struggle in establishing residential schools for grass root communities children, securing land for landless farmers, liquor prohibition, hostel reformation are very significant. He also led the struggle against nude worship ritual of Dalit women in Chandragutti.

Mrs. D. Nagalakshmi: Mrs. Nagalakshmi, a convenor of of ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) Worker’s Association, has dedicated her life to better the lives ASHA workers since 28 years. She successfully addressed the civilian’s social issues as a convenor of the Ballari District Civil Struggle Committee. Nagalakshmi’s serious concern has brought together numerous women into the fold and strengthened the cause.

Mr. Padmaalaya Nagaraj: A teacher by profession, Mr. Padmaalaya Nagaraj is a unique researcher. His works on ethnic epistemological systems has added a meaningful dimension to the native philosophy. Padmaalaya’s exploration has directed the struggle of grass root communities to evolve the methods to counter the hegemonic structures. This barefoot philosopher’s writing on harmonious living culture of all the communities is a silver lining in the cloud; he extends the same through interaction and sharing with the people.

Dr. Mahendrakumar B.P: Mahendrakumar, a botanist, has dedicated his life to better the lives of Adivasis through rights’ activism. His endeavours have resulted in the inclusion of ‘Siddi’ community into the Tribes Schedule. His struggle against the government’s decision to displace the Kunubi & Siddi communities was successful; thus securing the rightful authority for all the forest dwelling communities. He is a comrade of all the progressive movements in Karnataka.

Mrs. Mary Lobo: Mrs. Lobo, a compassionate medical nurse, has engaged herself in nursing the bedridden at their homes and counseling their family to nurse & cope up with the trauma from past 12 years, irrespective of class, caste and religion. This good samaritan has cared for more than 1720 patients. Mary chooses to take care of aged patients neglected by their families thus reiterating the belief in humanity.

While Bodhivruksha award comprises Rs. 1 lakh cash and a citation, Bodhivardhan award comprises Rs. 25,000 cash and a citation, the release added.


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