Akhil Gogoi tests positive for COVID-19

Gogoi was taken into custody on 12 December 2019 due to the ongoing Citizenship Amendment Act protests.

Akhil Gogoi Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) chief along with two other leaders Bitu Sonowal and Dharjya Konwar have been tested positive for COVID-19 today.

The peasant leader Akhil Gogoi was unwell for long and his swab sample was collected after he fell ill and the result came positive today.

Gogoi was taken into custody on 12 December 2019 due to the ongoing Citizenship Amendment Act protests.

The cramped jails serve as a hotspot for COVID-19, hence the court has ordered the release of political prisoners and undertrials. The practice is being done all across the world. But Narendra Modi government have used the lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to make arbitrary arrests of anti-CAA protesters, students, and human rights activists, thus clamp down all the protesters.

It was three days ago that news of Akhil Gogoi might be having COVID-19 spread across te media and protests erupted in different parts of the state demanding the immediate release of the leader and to provide advanced treatment.

Both the leaders Sonowal and Konwar were brought out of Guwahati Central Jail last night and kept in a makeshift camp in Panbazar.

Sonowal, since his childhood, has been a patient of Asthma.

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Meanwhile, in a video released on social media, Kamal Kumar Medhi, former longstanding deputy of Akhil Gogoi and second in command in the organisation, has accused the government of taking a very casual approach to the deteriorating health of the jailed leaders.

Slamming the government for this attitude, he asked why the government had to wait, despite many appeals, for the court orders to do the swab tests of the jailed leaders. He further informed in the video that the leaders, due to lack of space in the existing health facilities, were taken to different hospitals last night, thus highlighting the alleged inhumane treatment meted out to them.

Many activists and intellectuals from across the country including Anti-CAA activists were being imprisoned and kept in jails under draconian laws. Prisons have largely been the most inhumane places to live in especially in times of the pandemic. Covid-19 cases have also been reported in prisons across the country. The higher courts of the country too have functioned as extended arms of the government and have denied many political prisoners the basic human dignity and the right to a healthy life.

Akhil Gogoi has been booked under the draconian UAPA Laws for being a part of the Anti-CAA Protests.


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