After taali and thaali bajao, PM Modi asks for candle Jalao at 9PM for 9 minutes

PM Modi's message to the nation left many disappointed. It seems to be another event management exercise of lighting candle and Diya while people are expecting some concrete measures in handling the corona crisis


Amidst the COVID-19 induced lockdown, on 3rd April, Friday, Prime minister Modi shared a video message urging Indians to switch off all lights on Sunday 5 April at 9 pm for 9 minutes and light a candle or diya in their doorways or balconies.

“I request all of of you to switch off all the lights of your house on 5 April at 9 PM for 9 minutes, and just light a candle, ‘diya’, or mobile’s flashlight, to mark our fight against coronavirus,” he said.


Speaking on people’s anxiety amid the lockdown, PM Modi said that “none of us are alone” and that 130 crore Indians are together in the fight against the pandemic.

Prime Minister also reminded Indians to maintain social distancing while performing the event and do not gather in groups.

“I request you all, that while doing this, please do not gather anywhere in groups, be it on streets or localities. Please execute this from your doorsteps or balconies. The ‘laxmen rekha’ of social distancing cannot be crossed. This is the only solution against coronavirus. So, at 9 pm on 5 April, sit alone for a while and remember ‘maa bharti’,” he said.

“The way you paid gratitude to people fighting against coronavirus on 22 March has become a model that is being emulated by other countries. Janata curfew and ringing of bells, clanging utensils, made the country aware of its unity amid this challenging time,” the prime minister added.

Last time PM Modi asked people to clang pots and plates, many people got overwhelmed and came out on streets in groups with conch, drums, and big pots throwing caution to the wind. In some cases, such marches were led by police administration in full revelry. So many wonder how can that be a model to be emulated.

Did the PM’s message meet people’s expectations?

The message might be a disappointment for those who were expecting that the Prime minister will speak of some measures to instill trust in the people. But like his earlier messages, this time also turned out to be an announcement of an event.

The population at large is worried about the control and treatment of the pandemic. There are health professionals who are still without the personal protective equipment (PPE) and are being attacked in some parts of India because of misinformation about the corona outbreak. PM Modi did not speak about the health infrastructure of provisions for health professionals in handling the crisis at hand. He also did not speak a word on food scarcity, migrant woes and any plan of how the post lockdown situation will be handled.


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