A 10 year old kid writes about Modi´s actions against Coronavirus

Due to lockdown Kabir is separated from his parents. Though he appreciates the lockdown move, he feels the unplanned nature of lockdown caused many deaths and distress among the citizens.


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), an infectious disease that has taken over the world is caused by a new kind of virus. The disease COVID-19 causes respiratory distress and has flu-like symptoms which in people with weak immune systems like the elderly and with other illnesses can lead to death.

The number of cases of coronavirus is increasing day by day and spreading globally. So far one million people are tested positive for coronavirus.

What started in China has spread to almost all parts of the world. Countries are following the China model of complete lockdown to contain the disease and flatten the curve so that the disease does not overwhelm the already fragile health care system.

When the cases start to increase in India, PM Modi also announced the nation-wide lockdown with only four hour time for citizens to prepare for a 3-week lockdown. Naturally, this created mayhem and rush at grocery stores to stock up the supplies.

This short period of time without any prior preparation has been heavily criticized.

In this context, a 10-year-old schoolboy from Bangalore has shared his thoughts on the 21-day lockdown. here is the letter-

Hi guys, My name is Kabir. S. Sirasangi. I am 10 years old. I study at 4 E, St. Joseph, Bangalore.
Today I am going to tell you about Modi’s actions against coronavirus. Modi made the 21-day lockdown just like his other decisions, without thinking. If you look at his other decisions like demonetization, CAA, NRC, NPR, etc. As you have seen his decisions you will notice that he acts without thinking but it affects the citizens of India


Four days before the lockdown Kabir had gone to visit his aunt in TamilNadu. Since the lockdown, Kabir is stuck in Tamil Nadu and cannot return to Bangalore to his parents. And being a child, he definitely misses his parents. Though he is sad, he is hopeful that we can fight the virus together.

Kabir had doubts about the lockdown. The letter was written in the early days of lockdown.

Kabir writes further-

The 21-day lockdown isn’t bad but it even isn’t good.
The good part is this idea of trying to stop the spread of coronavirus.
The bad part is that market sales drop-down and people won’t be able to survive without money and homeless people don’t have food, money or shelter. He should have provided them with time to buy groceries and go to their homes.

From his decision, I am not allowed to go to my parents for the next 21-day. Together we can change this. Me and all of you. Together we will stop and change this.

Kabir S. Sirasangi

4 E, ST. Joseph, Bangalore




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May 2024


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