Karnataka: District Administration responsible for 24 Deaths in Chamarajanagar due to Oxygen Shortage

The committee headed by Justice (Retired) AS Venugopal Gowda.

Chamarajanagara District Hospital

A preliminary report on the death of 24 Covid-19 patients in the Chamarajanagar District Hospital last week states that it was indeed the shortage of Oxygen and the failure of the hospital and the district administration was the reason for the death.

The committee headed by Justice (Retired) AS Venugopal Gowda.

The report confirms that the oxygen deficiency for a period of 4 hours from 10.30 PM on May 2nd was the reason for the death of the 24 Corona-infected patients. 62 people died in the hospital between May 2 and May 10th of which at least 36 of them were patients who did not receive oxygen on May 2, the committee said.

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Hospital officials and the district collector of Chamarajanagar failed to demonstrate leadership quality during the disaster, the report said. “The Dean of Chamarajanagar Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) and Microbiologist Distrcit-In-charge surgeon failed to guide in the efficient usage of available resources to save patients’ lives,” the report said.

The report reads that “They have failed miserably to guide and monitor a situation of crisis. On the contrary, they have alleged that the District Collector of Mysore interrupted with the supply of Oxygen without any evidence.”

It is the responsibility of the district administration and the authorities to ensure the refilling of the oxygen cylinders in districts, including Chamarajanagar. The committee said there was no evidence available against the District Collector of Mysore, Rohini Sindhuri said the committee.

A truck carrying oxygen cylinders had to arrive at Chamarajanagar by 2 AM. However, 30 more cylinders were stocked at the refueling agency for refilling it. The truck reached the hospital at 6 AM on May 3, the committee said in its report.

The committee has submitted its report to the Karnataka High Court after analyzing the official documents recently seized by the Chief Secretary following the directions of the court. The report also recommends providing relief to the families of the deceased.

BJP National Secretary CT Ravi had earlier said that the Government was responsible for the deaths of patients in the Chamarajanagar District Hospital. It would have not been intentional if they had died due to failure of treatment. However, if it was done on purpose, those responsible should be held punished he had said.

However, District In-Charge Minister, Suresh Kumar S had earlier claimed that only two or three of the people had died due to a shortage of Oxygen.


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