Our government shot them like Dogs: BJP’s Dilip Ghosh on anti CAA protesters

It seems like Dilip Ghosh is sad that nobody got killed in West Bengal. 

BJP state president Dilip Ghosh addressing at the IPS officer protest manch in Kolkata on Friday. Express Photo by Partha Paul. 15.03.2019.

Dilip Ghosh, BJP president of West Bengal made a shocking statement on anti CAA protesters. In an already heated atmosphere amidst nationwide protests on NRC and CAA, Dilip Ghosh said that protesters were “shot like Dogs” in Assam, UP and Karnataka, all BJP ruled states.

While addressing a public meeting in Nadia district of West Bengal, he said-  “In Assam and Uttar Pradesh, our government has shot these protesters like dogs. They were arrested and cases were also filed against them,”.

He criticized Mamta Banerjee for not using force on the protesters in West Bengal. He chastised Mamta Banerjee for “not opening fire and ordering lathi charge” on the Anti-CAA protesters.

“Is it the father’s property of those who are setting the public property on fire? How can they destroy government property built on taxpayers’ money!” Ghosh said.

He said, “The governments of Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Karnataka did the right thing by opening fire on these anti-national elements (during anti-CAA protests).”

“They will come here, enjoy all the facilities and destroy the country’s property. Is it their zamindari!” he asked.

Dilip Ghosh following Yogi Adityanath tactic in Bengal

Dilip Ghosh, a long-time RSS member has worked in Andaman Nicobar, joining active politics only in 2014 when he was given charge of BJP expansion in West Bengal.  This is not the first time Dilip Ghosh has courted controversy. He has lied in his election affidavit of having pursued a diploma in engineering. However, upon RTI inquiry, it was revealed that he has submitted incorrect information.

A week ago, he turned away an ambulance that tried to make way through a rally he was addressing. He also commented on the JNU mob attack as a ‘staged’ blaming JNUSU president Aishee Ghosh to be the main perpetrator of the attack. He also questioned whether it was blood or color on her head.

Ghosh is known for his anti-Muslim rhetoric. He claims that there are two crore “Muslim infiltrators” in the country. “One crore alone in West Bengal and Mamata Banerjee is trying to protect them”

Yesterday’s speech in Nadia, Ghosh was again trying to whip up communal sentiments by calling for identifying those “sabotaging the interests” of Hindu Bengalis.

These similar diversionary tactics were employed by Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh which has seen the most violence during the CAA protests on 19th December.

In December, during the anti-CAA protests in Uttar Pradesh, 19 people were killed by police firing. More than 1000 were arrested on false charges and around 5000 were detained. There were several cases of police brutality in Uttar Pradesh and several video footage that shows that police participated in vandalism and shooting. Police specifically targetted Muslim neighborhoods. Weeks later, many are still in jail.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who had given a free hand to police in UP has praised the police action and had made statements like taking ‘revenge’ from protesters. He said the government will collect the cost of damage to the public property from the protestors. Police arrested minor children, orphans, old people, and women. Fact-finding reports show that Muslim houses were vandalised by police and many Muslims were arrested who were not even part of protests.

It looks like Dilip Ghosh is sad that nobody got killed in West Bengal.

BJP in its usual manner has distanced itself from the controversy saying it was irresponsible of him to say such things.





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