Central Trade Unions call for Nationwide Actions on First anniversary of the farmer protests

A big farmers' gathering called "Lakhimpur Nyay Mahapanchayat" is being planned by SKM constituents on November 14th 2021 in Puranpur of Pilibhit district, UP.

National Convention of workers - at New Delhi,Attended by SKM delegation

A National Convention of Workers organised by the Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions and Independent Federations took place today at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. This Convention highlighted the anti-worker, anti-farmer, anti-people and anti-national policies of the BJP-NDA government, called for strengthening worker-peasant unity in the countrywide mass actions on 26th November, for a massive two day All India Strike in February 2022 during the Budget Session of Parliament, and for intensifying the united struggles of both workers and farmers throughout India. An SKM delegation also took part in this National Convention.

Preparations underway for November 22nd Kisan Mahapanchayat in Lucknow:SKM

Preparations are underway for the Kisan Mahapanchayat planned in Lucknow on November 22nd 2021. Various farmer organisations of Uttar Pradesh are mobilising their cadre to ensure that the Mahapanchayat is a big success, and puts out a strong message to the UP State and Union BJP governments.

Mobilisation is also underway for the first anniversary of this historic farmers’ struggle on 26th November, to ensure that large gatherings happen at all morcha sites near Delhi. In various distant states too, planning is underway for large protests on 26th November.

A big farmers’ gathering called “Lakhimpur Nyay Mahapanchayat” is being planned by SKM constituents on November 14th 2021 in Puranpur of Pilibhit district, UP. Thousands of farmers are expected to participate in this Mahapanchayat, in addition to several SKM leaders.

A Padayatra from Khajuria to Nighasan which was planned between 11th and 13th November was stopped from taking place by the administration. This padayatra is to demand the dismissal of Ajay Mishra Teni from the Union Council of Ministers, and to respond to BJP’s divisive agenda. This was also in preparation for the 22nd November Kisan Mahapanchayat in Lucknow. In Pallia, farmer leaders were put under house arrest to prevent the padayatra, and the DM and SP instructed the leaders against taking out the yatra. SKM condemns this undemocratic behaviour of UP Government time and again.

The indefinite dharna in Hansi in Haryana is continuing, and today is the fourth day of a large sit-in at the mini-secretariat. Farmers here are demanding that the case filed against 3 farmers, for their black flag protest against BJP MP Ram Chander Jangra be withdrawn, and that a case be filed on him for the lathi-charge and ensuing injuries to farmers.

Farmer Kuldeep Rana who was seriously injured in the Hansi incident is reported to be in the same serious condition. His family received a commitment of monthly support of ten thousand rupees and cash support of two lakh rupees from an independent MLA of Haryana yesterday. The Haryana Police continues to say that Kuldeep Rana was not injured in their lathicharge.

Meanwhile, another protestor Shekhar Chand of Kheri Chowpta village was also seriously injured and he has also been hospitalised in Hisar. The Haryana Government has decided to provide Personal Security Officers (PSOs) to some senior officials too, reportedly in the background of the farmers’ protests in the state. However, this decision ignores the fact that in Kuldeep Rana’s case, it was the PSO of the BJP MP who attacked the protestor grievously!

In a state where the Chief Minister himself was heard instigating violence against protesting farmers and where a senior official was caught on camera asking police to break the heads of protesting farmers, this decision of PSOs is an outright attack on peacefully protesting farmers.

Paddy procurement related problems and irregularities are emerging from various locations, and farmers are being exploited on a large scale due to lack of government procurement at MSP. It is not just farmers who are protesting in various states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand, but also state governments! TRS, the ruling party in Telangana, is launching protests all over the state demanding that the central agencies procure paddy from farmers in the state.


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