This is not a Punjab-centric movement!- Farmers from UP to Join Delhi Chalo Farmers Protests

Modi govt and media are trying to portray the movement as Punjab centric to create an image that other state farmers are content with the farm laws

While the media and BJP government is trying hard to portray the farmer’s movement near Delhi to be Punjab centric, Farmers from the states of UP, MP, Uttarakhand will be joining the protesting farmers at Delhi against the farm laws.

All India Kisan Sangharsh Samiti( AIKSS) other farmer organisations have appealed to the Indian government that they should listen to the problems of the farmers and present a solution and not just pretend to have talks with us.

Thousands of farmers from Haryana and Punjab are entering the capital braving police action and boulders erected by the Indian government to prevent farmers from entering the capital. Farmer organisations have condemned the UP government’s repression against the farmers. Farmers from Uttarakhand have started a sit-in at the UP border as UP police are not letting them go to Delhi.

This kind of mass mobilization by where farmers have decided they will not leave Delhi until their demands are met is historic. We have not come to Delhi to stay, we have come here to fulfill our demands. The government should not ignore this point.

Farmer organisations have slammed the Indian government for not listening to the farmer’s demands of canceling the farm bills and Electricity bill 2020. While farmers are demanding the farm bill be abolished the Indian government is still giving speeches and spreading false information that these farm laws will be beneficial to the farmers. These laws will not only end the government buying and MSP they will also take up land from farmers and give it to national and multinationals which will promote contract farming just reducing small land farmers into contract farmers.

World over contract farming has been rejected and farmers are well aware of the traps that this will follow. It will destroy the public redistribution schemes, increase farm loans, deregulate vegetable prices, and increase the black market of food grains.

In the press release, the farmer’s organisations have condemned the government which is trying to malign the farmer’s movement by calling it motivated by political parties and middle men. They say the movement is beyond any political party to bring our such mass mobilisation and carry it forward for months. The government should refrain from maligning the protests and bring forth a solution for the farmers.

Farmers condemned the high handed stance of the government where they are only giving press statements and saying they will make farmers understand the benefits of the farm laws but they are not talking about retracting these laws.

The press release states- The government is not serious about this issue. It is giving false promises and statements which farmers cannot accept at all. it has continuously ignored farmers’ protests and tried to defame it in many ways. The govt has spent crores in advertising in the name of trying to stop misinformation to farmers. This attitude is not acceptable to us.

Farmer leaders have criticised the new channels that are trying to portray it as Punjab centric movement. The government also only invited farmer leaders from Punjab to create an image that other farmer organisations are content with the amendments.

As you can see farmers in large numbers are coming to Delhi from UP, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and MP, it is a nationwide movement. Though the national media continues to ignore the movements in different states farmer organisations are continuously protesting in Odisha, Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, and West Bengal.

Government statement that ‘Reforms are painful yet necessary’ is utterly wrong because the positive aspects of these reforms haven’t been seen in India or any other countries. Governments have not said that this will not increase the burden of loans on farmers or that their land will not be taken away or that they will get the MSP for the crops. There is no evidence that farm income will increase or that in this supposed free market farmers will need some state support. Farmers are not that naive that they cannot understand that these farm law amendments are not to give profit to farmers but to profit the big industrialists.


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