Students Speak Up Against the Atmosphere of Fear Psychosis at Guru Nanak Dev University

Students Organisations held a press Conference detailing the account of against harassment, intimidation & threatening of Student Activists in Guru Nanak Dev University.

Last week STUDENTS FOR SOCIETY (SFS) gave a call for protest for 24*7 Girls Hostel and Reading Room timings which the authorities wanted to disrupt and crush the dissent of students. For this they adopted different kind of ruthless measures starting with intimidating the students. When the students stood by their demands even after that, the authorities started threatening them by various means.

Finally, the authorities targeted individual students and started calling their parents and complaining them with fabricated accusations and stories. Each parent was called five to six times by different persons from Authorities, Police & other influential Politicians thereby creating a fear psychosis. The parents were forcefully called to report to Authorities here in GNDU. They threatened each & everyone from parents in a similar way like that they can ruin future of their children; they can easily make the students fail or even struck off their name; get some police cases registered against them etc. if any of the students dare to go against their will or participate in students politics.

The worst part of this threatening was false accusations they levied on the students especially female students to their parents. The character assassination of some female students pushed some parents to take their children back home because of vile remarks of the authorities. All of this had led immense mental torture on the students.


The students who were involved in the struggle from last few days were not even allowed to meet each other by the security personnel and everywhere they threatened students in various ways such as by making their videos or even following them. The Security Chief had also threatened a student to abduct & make him disappear.

Students Organisations STUDENTS FOR SOCIETY (SFS), PUNJAB STUDENTS UNION (PSU), PUNJAB STUDENTS UNION (LALKAR), ALL INDIA STUDENTS FEDERATION (AISF), KCA STUDENTS FORUM, today held a press conference at GNDU regarding harassment, intimidation and threatening of student activists by GNDU(Guru Nanak Dev University) Authorities & Local Police especially Dean Academics Prof Hardeep Singh, Dean Students Welfare Prof Anish Dua, Registrar Prof Karanjeet Singh and GNDU Security Chief Amarbir Singh Chahal.


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May 2024


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