Stop watching news channels if you want to save your inner democracy – Ravish Kumar

From Facebook wall of Ravish Kumar

India today and Aaj tak are repeatedly claiming that their exit poll sample size is 8 lakh and it was done in all Loksabha constituencies. In one region they have taken about 12,500 samples. Is it possible to predict the result of 16-17 lakh voters per constituency results by only 1200 voters response. I am not an expert in statistics or astrology. There are some regions where TV channels, newspapers and websites did debate shows and reporters spoke to people. Can only these people predict the results.

My criticism of news channels will not affect either news channels or the viewers. But i still ask you to stop watching news channels. I request you to understand news channels. The curiosity that you feel is not yours, its created by these channels. For ordinary viewers, to cross these artificial boundaries is as difficult as it is for me to solve percentage questions in mathematics. Dont even ask about fractions.

I urge you to carefully listen to the discussion of anchors and experts. You will realise when there is nothing to say then how artfully things are told with such importance and seriousness. This is the problem of TV channels worldwide. This is happening in India also, we are giving this to you on a platter and you are also taking it all in. Glitter and glamour is created instead of content. Channels have been having the same discussion thousand of times about 2019 since one year. This will be repeated until the formation of the government. will regurgitate the same discussion thousand  times that has been happening since last one year about 2019 will be repeated till the formation of the government. To say something in the times when there is nothing to say is the grammar of News channels.


News channels have converted this shortcoming into an asset. It has set a tradition that is difficult to come out of it. Anchor and analysis are fighting to remain relevant. Moreover, experts who speak well or who speak too much are called to make such discussions relevant, so that you do not feel that you are wasting your time.

This is the way of the world. Everyone is saying something. There are repeated tweets to tell that there are seven lakh samples from all over India, but not even more than 1300 in one Lok Sabha constituency. I am not dismissing the exit poll of one channel, i am dismissing exit polls of all the channels. Nobody has the formula to present the election related information in new way. Whatever you are watching and listening, if you pay attention you will realise that you have seen it before, heard it before.

Media has prepared a dumping ground for the consumption of its material. This dumping ground is called media society. In this media society, the common man with their common problems are displaced. They are replaced by the viewers who are prepared by the special drilling of these channels over time. In this media society, the anchors and viewers speak each others language. This is normalised in your mind until you face a problem, then you will realise that media is not showing you the basic issues. When you yourself are not looking for basic issue and were forced to watch something that is not a basic issue then who are you going to blame?

You can blame me for this because i asked you to not watch news channels. I am still sticking to my words. News channels have destroyed Indian democracy.

These channels have even destroyed your inner democracy. There are thousands of channels but no diversity. How is that possible? But it has been made possible. You have been turned into a vulture who sees any disagreement like a piece of meat. Information looks like a dead body. If you want you can watch TV, but i will still say that India should do a satyagrah of not watching news channels. If its possible do it, otherwise dont say that you were not warned by any TV person.


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April 2024


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