SKM leaders meet with Haryana Government Officials, Will Remove Barricade on one side of Singhu Border

SKM has invited migrant workers to join protest sites to help them with food and shelter temporarily until the situation returns to normal.

Meeting of SKM leaders, district officials and members of Haryana govt.

Leaders of Samyukt Kisan Morcha had a detailed meeting with officials of Haryana Government this evening. In this meeting, it was decided to remove barricades on one side of the highway at Singhu Border, to give free passage to oxygen, ambulance and other such emergency services. Farmers will support in every possible way the fight against the corona pandemic. The meeting had the participation of Sonepat SP, CMO and other officials and several SKM leaders. SKM and the protesting farmers are committed to causing least inconvenience to ordinary citizens.

While the BJP and the government have baselessly accused the protesting farmers of obstructing oxygen supply to the city of Delhi, it has been seen that the police are misdirecting oxygen supply trucks towards the protest sites instead of pointing them to the shortest correct route that needs to be adopted. As pointed out already, it is the government that is to be squarely blamed for barricading the roads and obstructing free passage, whereas in all protest sites, farmers have already left such passage for vehicular movement.

Farmers are preparing to come back to protest sites in large numbers. For instance, on 23rd of April (tomorrow), as part of Operation Shakti to counter the government’s Operation Clean, a large convoy of protestors in tractor trolleys will be leaving from Barwasni in the Sonepat district of Haryana, for Singhu Border. These farmers are associated with Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti. It is expected that there will also be many women farmers in this convoy.

SKM invitation to migrant workers to Join Protest Sites for food and Shelter

SKM’s invitation to fleeing migrant workers remains. The invitation was made to prevent farmers from moving in large numbers during the deadly second wave.

SKM clearly states this is not an attempt to boost numbers of protestors at Delhi Borders but to help migrant workers in a time when govts all across the country are failing citizens miserably.

The press note is to address the allegations that migrant workers are invited to increase numbers at protest sites. SKM states that farmers who have gone for wheat harvest are coming back enthusiastically in thousands by themselves and the farmers’ movement does not need migrant workers for that reason. The invitation to migrant workers is because Farmers, as anna daatas to the country, understand the distress of these workers. Farmers want to let these workers know that depending on the callous and insensitive government is going to be futile now, and that they are not likely to find employment back in the villages either.

Many migrant workers are stranded even without a nationwide lockdown – and it is not making news

SKM states that at the protest sites, farmers would like to take care of the migrant workers temporarily, would be happy to provide shelter and food, and there is no fear of infection. Once a semblance of normalcy is restored, migrant workers can get back to their employment sites, and by this, can save on unnecessary travel costs. Incidentally, the unity of farmers with workers will be reinforced.

In an interaction organised through the Geneva Press Club yesterday, leaders of Samyukt Kisan Morcha pointed out that the only solution to the current deadlock is for the Government of India to re-initiate formal dialogue, and repeal the 3 central laws and bring in an MSP guarantee law immediately. Any other consultations with regard to reforms to be brought in, the future of Indian agriculture, and so on can be had after this, they pointed out. The leaders pointed out that the Government of India has violated the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants to which India is a signatory.

Speaking in the media interaction, a Swiss Parliamentarian, Nicolas Walder, expressed his admiration for the ongoing peaceful struggle and pointed out that there can never be a solution for farmers if such a solution is led by agri-business corporations. He said that the Indian protests are deeply inspiring, and are not just about farmers here, but about the future of farmers all over the world.

Back in Punjab, farmers are having to stage protests for gunny bags, for the wheat procurement process to continue smoothly. In places like Barnala, farmers had to stage a sit-in protest for the same.

The Haryana government continues its unjustified battle against farmers – today, there was a large deployment of police who wanted to evict farmers at Asoda toll plaza. However, farmers re-occupied the toll plaza after a standoff with the police.

BJP leaders continue to face farmers’ ire in various locations. Today, it was the turn of the BJP Punjab State Vice President Harjit Singh Grewal, in Patiala. The BJP leaders had to be evacuated by the police after farmers gathered to protest peacefully against a BJP meeting.

In distant Canada, the support for the Indian farmers’ protest continues. The Vancouver City Council had passed a motion in solidarity with the protesting Indian farmers, and the Mayor of Vancouver appealed to the Government of Canada to reach out to the Indian government ‘regarding Canada’s support for India’s farmers’.


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