Samyukta Kisan Morcha: No Anti-Social Element will be allowed to Enter into Kisan Parade on Republic Day

Hundreds of Adivasi farmers from Maharashtra, mostly women, have reached Delhi and have moved to Shahjahanpur and a large contingent of farmers has left for Delhi from Odisha


Yesterday in a Press Meet, Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) shared the details of the plans for the “Kisan Republic Day Parade” for the 26th of January 2021.

Morcha stated that food producers of the country want to celebrate Republic Day along with Jawans of the country and uphold the pride of the nation by taking out a disciplined parade. “No anti-social elements will be allowed to infiltrate this”, said leaders of SKM.

Farmers across the nation will be joining protest sites at Delhi borders in the upcoming days.

While a large contingent of farmers that has left for Delhi from Odisha as part of Navanirman Krushak Sanghatan reached Jharkhand today, hundreds of adivasi farmers from Maharashtra, mostly women, have reached Delhi and have moved to Shahjahanpur.

SKM urged Haryana and Delhi Police to cooperate. The Parade will happen peacefully, and will not disrupt the official Republic Day Parade. There will be no threat to any national heritage sites, or to any other site.

Republic Day Farmers Parade To Showcase Agricultural Realities of Different States

The Parade would take place on the Outer Ring Road. The vehicles in the Parade will consist of tableaus and floats that will reflect the agricultural reality of different states in addition to showcasing historical regional and other movements. The vehicles will all fly India’s national flag and will also have the flag of the farmer organisation that the members are affiliated with. No political party flags will be allowed. It is also expected that the parade will have the participation of families of martyr farmers of the agitation, awarded defence services personnel, awarded sportspersons, women farmers, etc. It is expected that many states will be represented in the Parade.

Those who cannot come to Delhi to take part in this parade will organise their own parades at state capitals and district headquarters with the same norms around discipline and peace. SKM appealed to all citizens to come forward and express their support and solidarity, and also watch the parade.

Farmer leaders stated that they will go into the talks with the government in good faith even on the 19th of January despite the unconducive atmosphere created by the Agriculture Minister’s statement today.

Pay Homage to Martyred Farmers 

With immense pain, we are informing you that every day many farmers are separating from us. So far 131 farmers have been martyred in this movement. SKM pays homage to these individuals and stands with their families.

Plans for starting an Akhand Jyoti for the farmers who got martyred so far were announced.

18th January as Women’s Farmers Day

As informed earlier, 18th January will be celebrated as Women Farmers Day. Respecting women’s incomparable role in agriculture and exercising women’s agency in protests and every sphere, women will be managing the stage and all the speakers on this day will be women. Other cultural programs will also be organised, showcasing the contribution of women.

On 20th January, Prakash Parab of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, SKM requests people across the world to take a pledge to make this movement success.

In Belagavi in Karnataka, several farmer leaders of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha got arrested during a protest organised on the occasion of Mr. Amit Shah’s visit there today.

Use of NIA to Harass Supporters of Farmers Movement

SKM condemns strongly the use of NIA against many supporters of the farmers’ movement and even unconnected service providers like transporters etc. It is not just summons for questioning but registration of cases against many people in Punjab that the Central Government has initiated, despite the fact that the last meeting with the government explicitly discussed this issue and received an assurance from the government.

Appeal to Boycott Corporate Houses Products

Samyukta Kisan Morcha appeals to people across the nation to boycott the products of corporate houses, especially of Ambani and Adani. We also appeal to people to expose the reality of the BJP and its allies of NDA by opposing them in every sphere.

SKM shared that plans for a program of actions that will take place after January 26th will be announced soon, in the next press conference of the Morcha.

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