Punjab: Degree of SC Students Withheld due to Non reimbursement of Scholarships by Govt.

The pending amount is Rs. 1,549 Crore. The decision has affected the graduation of 2 Lakh SC students


Fate of 2 lakh SC students hangs as the Joint Association of Colleges (JAC)decides to withheld their roll numbers. The announcement came in the wake of the Punjab Govt’s failure to reimburse post matric scholarship amounts for SC students in private colleges.

The pending amount is Rs. 1,549 Crore. The amount is pertaining to the time period 2017-18 and the 2019-2020.

The Tribune has reported that for the year 2020-2021, the Govt. released 40% of the share of Rs. 152 crores for colleges. The Central Govt. released 60% of Rs 229 crore in two installments. The state government, however, has released Rs. 139 crore of Rs. 229 crore to private colleges and the remaining Rs. 90 crore has not been released.

Due to non-reimbursement of the scholarships by the government, colleges have withheld roll numbers of SC students, threatening their graduation. The decision to withhold the roll numbers was taken by the Joint Association of Colleges (JAC). The graduation of 2 Lakh SC students has been halted because of this.

The Chief of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC), Vijay Sampla, asked the Punjab Govt, to ensure immediate release of roll numbers to ensure that SC students graduate in private colleges in the state. In his statement to the Govt. he said: “It’s the duty of the state to ensure SC students do not face any hardship.” The NCSC has directed the Punjab Government to submit an action report to the commission.

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