Today, when the Nation is in crossroads trying to save the identity and values that Mahatma Gandhi stood and Dr. Babasaheb, engraved in our Constitution, Dr. H S Doreswamy 102-year-old Freedom Fighter and Gandhian has vowed to protest every month till the 2024 election raising the issues that are impacting the Nation and fight to end the fascist Government that is not only taking away the fundamental rights of the citizens but also is bringing divisive policies like CAA NPR NRC.

Modi Government has systematically eroding the basic foundation of the Constitution and diverting the attention from the failures of the Government for last 6 years. Unprecedented Economic crisis, highest rate of unemployment in 45 years, Agrarian crisis, Misuse of Administrative powers, Spreading Hate, Violation of basic Rights Diluting RTI, increasing Corruption are some of the serious issues raised by Dr H S Doreswamy during his 4-day protest starting 6th Feb to 9th Feb.

In the wake of thousands of protests happening across the Nation regarding CAA NPR NRC, Dr H S Doreswamy strongly felt the need to also raise all the issues that are hurting the Nation and its people at every step. Modi came to power claiming Saab Ka Saath, Saab Ka Vikas, Saab Ka Vishwas which is nothing more than a slogan looking at the hate and divide the country is going through in the last 6 years.

Under the banner of the Citizens’ Rights Action Committee, several organizations that have been working on different issues have joined hands to strengthen the fight. Dr. H S Doreswamy has expressed that protests across CAA NPR NRC that are happening across the State and Country should continue till the divisive acts/policies are withdrawn and the Committee will lead the protest exposing the failures of Modi Government.

It is indeed unfortunate that the atmosphere in the country has forced a 102yrs old Freedom Fighter to take to streets again, but it is equally inspiring for the young people to learn what it takes to fight for the Nation. Dr H S Doreswamy’s resolve to fight the Fascist Government was initially stalled by the State Government when the Police permissions were not given, and he started his protest at Townhall on 6th Feb courting arrest, forcing the Police and Administration to allow him to protest.

A call was given to all organizations, Students, Eminent Citizens to join the protest without disturbing the protests happening across the city. People like Shri Ramachandra Guha, Student Union Leader, Shri Rajeev Gowda and many other Eminent Citizens from all walks of life joined hands.

Continued efforts for the next-4 years is the only way to end the Fascist era, there is a clear danger to the Nation if the Fascist forces are not stopped and are defeated on all fronts to restore Human Right, Political Right, Economic Rights, Social Rights, Civic Rights. Even though CAA NPR NRC has triggered a nationwide protest against the Government many are equally concerned about all the issues that the Nation is facing today and in becomes the responsibility of every citizen to question the Government.

In a country of 130crs people that has 90crs voter less than 22crs voted for Modi, a brute majority in the Parliament does not authorize any Government to curb the Rights of the citizens and to violate the Constitution that each Parliamentarian took oath on.

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February 2024


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