Labour Unions Burnt Copies of New Labour Codes to Mark Their Protest at Jantar Mantar

There are speculations that due to a large number of labour unions protests, govt does not want another movement of the likes of the farmers' movement.


The central government has deferred the implementation of the new labour laws until further notice. According to various senior officers in the Labour ministry, the labour codes have been postponed for the time being. The government wants that some more states should implement it along with the central govt, but many states are not unanimous on the laws.

According to sources, Jammu and Kashmir has notified of the new laws but UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand and MP have drafted two codes while Karnataka has agreed on drafting one of the codes.

The Centre has put the blame on the states for not drafting laws as a reason for postponing the implementation of the labour codes; But there are speculations that due to labour unions huge protests, govt does not want another movement of the likes of the farmers’ movement.

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Trade unions protest at the Jantar Mantar

Trade unions and labour organisations burnt copies of labour codes on 1st April as part of nationwide protests against the new labour codes.

INTUCH, AITUC, HMS, CITU, SEWA. TUCC, AIUTUC, LPF and UTUC and other central trade unions along with IFTU and MASA also joined the demonstrations and burnt copies of new labour codes at Delhi Jantar Mantar.

During the demonstration, CITU general secy. Com. Tapan Sen spoke to workers Unity and said- Govt wants to make slaves of workers through these laws. These laws will take away the right to unionise, the right to protest and even the right to demand minimum wage. Administrative officers will decide on the issues of labour rights.

He added that labourers are not only fighting for their rights but also in the fight to save the constitution and the falling democracy and will win. All trade unions are also with the demands of farmers and will participate with them in the march to the parliament in the month of May.

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National Secy of INTUC Ashok Singh also said- By converting 44 labour laws into 4 labour codes, all the labour rights are taken away. Through fixed-term appointment, workers are being made bonded labourers. In the labour code, it says workers will be made to work 12 hrs now they are convincing us that we will only work for 8 hours.

Com. Siddhu of HMS also joined in and said during the drafting of these labour codes none of the labour organisation was contacted. These laws are made with only the company owners in mind. On one side, govt assets are being sold to private players and on the other hand workers rights are being taken away through these labour codes.

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Ajit Singh of Bellsonica Labour Union told- Workers have a lot of anger against the new labour laws. But there are attempts to divide the workers into temporary and permanent categories to divide their struggle. Even the unions are stuck on the demands of permanent workers.

On the question of why workers are not able to build a strong resistance against these three labour laws, Labour organiser Arjun Singh said- There is a question of life and death for Workers. For them, where their daily bread is coming from is more important than changes in labour laws.

He added that- “Even the labour organisations have been unable to make the workers understand the dangerous consequences of labour laws. While the farmer organisations have been working among farmers for many years and we see the farmers movement of such proportions”.

Central Trade unions have supported the call of farmer organisations of Parliament March and announced that farmers and workers union will destroy the designs of this govt.

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