Kerala: All Male Govt Employees to Submit Declaration Against Dowry In Case of Marriage

All male employees in Kerala government service are to submit a declaration if they get married, stating that they have not taken dowry.

Kerala Dowry Measures

The Kerala government announced that November 26th will be observed as Dowry Prohibition Day. Students in schools and colleges will take an oath that they shall not give or take dowry to mark the day.

The state government has been taking a number of measures against the practice recently. For example, it amended the Dowry Prohibition Rules – Kerala Dowry Prohibition (Amendment) Rules 2021 so as to appoint dowry prohibition officers in all districts as well as have the Woman and Child Development (WCD) director act as their chief. The move came in light of many cases of dowry deaths of young married women in the state. In June, three cases of women dying allegedly by suicide, due to pressure of dowry were reported.

In addition to observing Dowry Prohibition Day, it has been announced that all male employees in Kerala government service should now submit a declaration if and when they get married stating that they have not taken dowry from the bride’s family. The declaration should be signed by the employee’s wife as well as the father in law. It should also be given within a month of the marriage.

The above measure was announced in a circular issued by the government’s WCD. The director of WCD, Anupama TV, is also the Chief Prohibition Officer of the state. The heads of department are to submit report of the declarations by all employees twice a year during April and in October. The reports are to be submitted to District Dowry Prohibition Officers. The district officers should also provide a report of those departments that defaulted in giving declarations as well.

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