JDS corporator Imran Pasha arrested for flouting social distancing norms, no arrests for BJP leaders

In reality, all the leaders flouted social distancing rules, then action should be taken against all of them. Why the discrimination along party lines?

Imran pasha

JDS corporator Imran Pasha was tested positive for Covid-19. He then recovered and tested negative after undergoing treatment. When he arrived in his ward, there was a procession and celebration. And he and his supporter were promptly arrested for flouting the rules.

Imran Pasha was discharged from Victoria Hospital on Sunday, his supporters burst crackers and raised slogans in his support. Police detained them for violating social distance norms and kept them in the prison cell of Victoria hospital.

Imran Pasha is not the only political leader to have flouted social distancing norms. There have been several instances of political leaders across the spectrum who have flouted lockdown and social distancing norms, not just in Karnataka but in other parts of India. But only Imran Pasha was arrested. Naturally, there are questions being raised why others were not arrested?

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On June 2, Karnataka Minister for Health and Family Welfare B Sriramulu violated social distancing norms by holding a grand procession in Chitradurga district. Sriramulu was welcomed by his followers with a huge apple garland and flowers in a procession at Parashurampura in the district. In the video, the minister was seen waving at a large crowd and was not wearing a mask, which is compulsory in public places.

BJP MLA MP Renukacharya too ignored the social distancing norms on April 25 when he organised a meeting of ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) workers in Honnali, Davanagere District. Renukacharya was seen on stage while ASHA workers sat on the floor without following any social distancing norms.

Earlier, BJP MLA from Turuvekere constituency, Masale Jayaram, was spotted celebrating his birthday with 100 others in a government school in Tumakuru district amid the nationwide lockdown.

Now the netizens have taken to social media asking when would the police arrest health minister Shriramulu, Renukacharya and M. Jayaram. Maybe never because they are from Karnataka BJP while Imran Pasha is a corporator from JDS.

People on social media ask- Shriramulu should have been arrested much before as he too was part of a much bigger procession. Why no arrest of Shriramulu?’

‘One rule for Ram and another for Rahim?’ Siddiq Puttur asked.

Jayaraj Naidu asked, ‘Glad that Padarayanapura corporator has been arrested for arranging a procession. Law is the same for all. Does the police department lack guts to arrest Shriramulu, Jameer, Renukacharya, who too were part of similar processions?’

Satish Palegar expressed his anguish asking, ‘Police case on Imran Pasha for holding a roadshow, why not for Shriramulu who held a public convention? Who owns the law here?’

‘Imran Pasha was arrested for gathering people, then tell us when will you arrest health minister Shriramulu, tell us when will you arrest ex-CM Siddaramaiah?’ asked Rajshekhar Angadi. (when Siddaramaiah had visited Gajendragada, hundreds of people had gathered and raised slogans.)

In truth, all these leaders have flouted the rules, then action should be taken against all of them. Those in power should remember that if some are exempted from punitive actions, It’ll lead to more violations of rules.


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