I am ashamed of what I have done- Chinmayanand tells SIT team

Former BJP MP Chinmayanand took sexual favors from the law student from his university and threatened to kill her family when she refused to abide by his orders


Former BJP MP and Union minister Swami Chinmayanand, accused of raping a law student inside his ashram in UP’s Shahjahanpur have admitted to most allegations against him when confronted with the massage videos of him with the students by the Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Ab aapne sab dekh liya hai. Main kya bolun. Apne kiye pe sharminda hoon (Now you have seen everything. What more can I say? I am ashamed of what I have done).”

He was arrested by the UP police early Friday morning from his ashram on charges of stalking, criminal intimidation and as a person in a position of authority seducing a woman for ‘sexual intercourse not amounting to rape’, and sent to a district jail for 14 days.

According to a report by ThePrint, IG Naveen Arora, who is heading the SIT, said: “He accepted and admitted to most allegations that were made by the student, on the basis of which we have booked him for rape and have arrested him.”

The police have also found records of over 230 calls between Chinmayanand and the law student — mostly made by him.

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Video clips as evidence from the student found to be genuine 

The law student has submitted 7-8 clips as evidence to the SIT team. Some of these clips have also made it to the internet and are now viral. The forensic team has tested the clips for authenticity and found them to be genuine and are now the crucial evidence in the case.

The student had recorded the videos from a camera fitted in her spectacles to gather evidence against Chinmayanand.

When Chinmayanand was shown the videos, he admitted that he had asked for massages and have also threatened the girl when she refused to abide by his orders. He can be seen getting a massage from the girl and talking in obscene language with the girl in the video clips.

According to the sources in the SIT team – “He held these massage sessions inside a private room in his ashram, which most people do not have access to,” When confronted with the rape allegations, the former union minister said “one thing led to another. I am ashamed”.

According to some of the videos, Chinmayanand lured the student by promising her more money, a hostel room, and a job.  “He lured her by promising Rs 25,000 per semester, a job and room in the hostel. When she refused, he threatened to use his clout and wipe out her family — kill her father and brother,” the second source said.

“The chats that are clearly audible in these clips show how he intimidated the student to get sexual favors.”

Swami Chinmayanand reputation is not unknown to the people of Shahjahanpur, and there are several references by the girl and by others that there are more students who were called in by Chinmayanand.

“The video clips make a passing reference of more girls coming to ‘serve’ Chinmayanand. He also names a few girls, but no one has come forward to give a formal complaint,” a police officer said.

Asked about this, IG Arora said: “It is suspected that there are more victims of this abuse and we urge students to come to us with proof. No one till now has turned in any evidence. The investigation in the matter is still on and if there are more such cases, our team will take action accordingly.”



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June 2024


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