Hospete: BJP leaders heckled and sent back by people in the door to door CAA campaign

Despite all its efforts, BJP is getting strong resistance from the people.


BJP leaders and pro CAA activists were forced to leave by the people during their door to door CAA campaign in Hospet, Karnataka. The BJP leaders had come to spread awareness about the citizenship act.

After facing strong criticism and continuous protests against its citizenship amendment act (CAA) Amit Shah announced that their party will do door to door campaign to raise awareness about the act. Amit Shah kick-started the campaign himself in Delhi on 5th January 2020. During his campaign ago, two women shouted anti CAA and ‘go back Amit Shah’ slogans.

The BJP leaders and activists in Karnataka went to Hospet for the door to door campaign but they were resisted by the public who were shouting slogans and forced them to return.

This incident has left the BJP workers in a state of despair, as they had to return without distributing a leaflet.


On 6th Jan 2020, when the BJP members and pro-CAA activists came out for the CAA campaign, many un the locality came out of their homes with black flags and shouting ‘go back, go back’ slogans and not allowing them to enter their homes.

People shouted slogans of ‘Azadi from BJP’, ‘Azadi from RSS’ .’Hindustan Zindabad, ‘Samvidhan Zindabad’ pushing BJP members to retreat.

Though the pro-CAA activists and BJP members requested people that they were just there to distribute the handouts and to appeal for the amendment to be allowed; the locals resisted saying that must leave immediately and will not be allowed in their area.

As the altercation intensified between both the parties, the police had to arrive. The police tried to calm everyone at the scene, but gauging public anger, they advised BJP members to leave the place.

In a similar case in Hospete district, another BJP MLA, Anand Singh was distributing CAA pamphlets but no one was interested in taking those pamphlets.

Anand Singh is also one of the disqualified MLAs, who had left Congress and joined BJP and won the assembly elections from Hospet.

When talking to the media, people said that “Dalit and Muslims in our country contribute to a big population in our country, and this law will make life very difficult for them and is totally unnecessary, so we do not need CAA or NRC.

In our country, Hindu and Muslims live like cousins. This country is ours, we live here and we die here.”

The locals have expressed their outrage against the BJP members and asked them not to campaign and not to disturb their life.


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