Hindu Mahasabha leader to BJP: We are the ones who killed Gandhi, who are you people?

The Hindu Mahasabha leader threatened BJP leaders over the Mysore temple demolition.


The Hindu Mahasabha leaders in Karnataka have warned Chief minister Basavaraj Bommai, Former CM Yediyurappa and Hindu Religious Institutions, and Charitable Endowments Minister Shashikala Jollei to keep that in mind or else it will be difficult for them.

“For people who have killed Gandhi you do not even matter. When Hindus were being attacked, we did not hesitate to kill Gandhi, do you think we cannot take action against you in your case?”. All India Hindu Mahasabha general secretary Dharmendra made a provocative statement at a press conference in Mangalore.

While threatening Basavaraja Bommaye, Yeddyurappa and Sasikala Jollei, they have warned that it might be costly for them. After stealing eggs and making money out of it. Why are you going to make money out of temples now? Showing disgust at the State BJP they claimed that they have already filed case regarding this.

“Last time, we had condemned the attack on the temple by the BJP Government in Chitradurga. A temple in Dakshina Kannada district too was brought down. Now an ancient temple in Mysore has been demolished. Not just that, there are many other religious centers on the list. Show us one instance where mosque or church is demolished in history. Why are only temples being targeted? Dharmendra said.

The BJP, Sangh Parivar and its allies including the Hindu Jagaran Vedike, Bajrang Dal, and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have protested in different places across the state against the destruction of the shrines. Attacking BJP, he asked “I am asking whose government is in the state. What would have happened if Congress party was in power in the state.? Would Karnataka have been like this?”

Spewing venom, he further added “Sometime back the state BJP president Nalin Kumar Kateel had threatened that they will set the district on fire and will burn it for some issue. What does this mean? He will set the district on fire only if there is Congress administration?

People across the state have condemned the provocative speech made by Dharmendra on killing Gandhi and have vehemently opposed the hate politics that the BJP is brewing the state.

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Dharmendra’s statement that we are the ones who killed Gandhiji and the inciteful statement is being vehemently opposed.

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April 2024


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