Hijab row:Conspiracy to deny education to Muslim girls says Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah said that it is also an attempt to snatch away the Constitutional right of students


Responding to the increasing controversy over wearing of Hijab of Muslims girls, Leader of the Opposition in assembly and Former Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah has asserted that it is the systematic conspiracy to deny education of Muslim girls.  “ It is also an act to snatch away the Constitutional right of their education and follow the religion of their choice”, he reacted sharply.

It may be noted that Government PU college of Udupi refuses the entry of the Muslims in the classes if they wear Hijab, similar reports have emerged from one of the government PU colleges of Kundapur also.

A video has now gone viral where the Principal of the college himself closing main gate on the Muslim girls trying to enter the college premises by wearing Hijab.

Adding more to this controversy, some of the Hindu boys tried to come to the college by wearing saffron shawl as reply to Muslims girls’ Hijab.

The college however has denied entry to all  the students who are either wearing saffron shawl or Hijab. After these incidents get reported, it is anticipated that such a trend may spread in other colleges too.

Students move Karnataka High court over Hijab Ban in College

Meanwhile addressing media persons, Siddaramaiah said that there is no government order on uniforms for PU students. The principal of Kundapur College has closed gate on 29 Muslim girls and prevented them from entering the college. This is nothing but a blatant attempt to violate the fundamental rights of the students.  Shockingly, it has been done in a government college.

“ In order to make the issue controversial, the BJP workers send the boys in saffron shawl to the college. “ Why did this saffron shawl suddenly emerge when it was not present for many years”, he asked.

He also said that the headscarf has been used by Muslims girls for decades in college. Why sudden attempts being made to stop it, he said that added that the matter related to this is pending in the High Court of Karnataka. It is expected to come up for hearing on February 8.

Education is one of the fundamental rights given by the Constitution. But now, a conspiracy is being hatched to take away the rights of Muslims girls and deny them education. Wearing a headscarf is also one of the religious practices of Muslims. BJP should not make attempt to deny Muslim girls from practicing their religion.

He said they also went through the notification issued by the Education Department. It makes it amply clear that uniform is not mandatory. Siddaramaiah also asked who MLA Raghupati Bhatt is demanding to make the uniform mandatory.

“ Soon after Bhatt made such a demand, the PU college principal who takes salary from the government, shut the gate on the students. This is completely inhuman and illegal”, he charged.

He asked what is the intention behind some of the boys wearing saffron shawl? Were they wearing it in the past”, he asked.

He urged BJP not to push their communal agenda in the education system.

He also accused BJP of playing politics and alleged that Home Minister Araga Jnanendra gave political statements. “ Let us wait what the High Court says on this matter, but as a person who has studied law, I say it clearly that the action is against the Constitution of India”, Siddaramaiah said.

Meanwhile on second day also, the Muslim students of Kundapur College continued their protest on second day too after being denied entry in the college for wearing Hijab.


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April 2024


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