A group of farmers from Karnataka has started their travel towards Delhi as they head there to join the farmers’ agitation. After the Modi government completed formalities to repeal three farm laws in both houses of Parliament on Monday, a sense of elation has spread amongst the farmers of the country who had been agitating against the laws for nearly one year. However, the protest has not been called off as the farmers still have several important demands to be met.

Among them is an important demand of legalizing the Minimum Support Price (MSP), which the farmers believe is crucial for them to get a justifiable price for their commodities and free the farmers from the clutches of middlemen.

Since Samyuta Kisan Morcha, an umbrella of various farmers and pro-farmers organizations has called for the continuation of the agitation and the crucial meeting to chalk out their future plan is scheduled to be held on December 4th, farmers across the country including from Karnataka are traveling to Delhi.

According to reports, a team of around 30 students and youth are moving towards Delhi to express solidarity with the farmers’ movement.

The Karnataka chapter of Samyukta Kisan Morcha under the banner of Samyuka Horata Karnataka and the members of Karnataka Janashakti Team which is part of the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) are heading to Delhi to express their solidarity.

Speaking to GauriLankeshNews.com, Sarovar Benkikere, State Committee Member of Karnataka Janashakti said that the three farms laws were formulated only to satisfy one person’s ego and to benefit a few corporate giants has been withdrawn only because of the strong and united opposition posed by the farmers.

“ It is the victory not only of the farmers but of every citizen of the country who supports farmers”, he said. He however added that “The adamant government has only repealed farm laws but has not agreed to the demand of framing a law to mandate MSP. The government has not announced any compensation to the farmers who have lost their lives during agitation. Since these demands have not been met as yet, the protest has continued. The members of Karnataka are going to Delhi to join the agitation”, he said.

Describing the farmers’ movement as historic, he said that already various forms of protests and agitation have already been undertaken in Karnataka including cycle rallies and march towards villages wherein we have reached out to hundreds of villages in the state of Karnataka requesting people and mainly farmers to support te historic farmers movement.

“ We have participated in all the movements in the State. As the children of farmers and as the responsible citizens of the country, we are going to Delhi to extend our support to the agitating farmers”,  Sarovar Benkikere said.

He said that already over a hundred farmers of the State had visited Delhi at the beginning of the year to join the farmers’ movement and stayed there for a week.

Condemning that even the State government has formulated several anti-farmer laws, he said that the association will fight to get these laws repealed and will continue to join agitations for such demands.


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February 2024


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