#FreePalestine: Solidarity Protests Across the World as Calls For Ceasefire Grow Louder

From US, Canada, UK, Jordan, Lebanon and much of Middle East, thousands of people are participating in protests with Palestinian flags and slogans of Save Sheikh Jarrah and Free Gaza.


Palestine is being bombed for the last 12 days by the Israeli side. Israeli fighter jets continue to pound the Gaza Strip even as call of de-escalation come from the USA.

At least 227 Palestinians, including 64 children, have been killed in 12 days of violence.

One Palestinian woman killed and 13 others wounded, including 4 children, in the latest Israeli air attacks on Gaza yesterday.

Palestinians gathered at one of the checkpoints in the West Bank after Israeli forces filled four protesters on 18th May the historic general strike.

General Strike by Palestinians

On Tuesday, Palestinians launched a historic nationwide general strike dubbed the Unity Intifada. Millions participated shutting down businesses and gathering in large demonstrations in numerous cities across Palestine. Another 1.6 million Palestinian workers in Israel went on strike, including transit workers, teachers, and nurses, despite the threat of termination, cutting through decades of political and geographic fragmentation.

It is not just Palestinians in occupied Palestine resisting. Jordanians have been protesting the Israeli embassy for days despite violent police crackdowns. Last Friday, hundreds assembled at the infamous Allenby Bridge connecting Jordan and the West Bank, chanting “open the border.” Several managed to break through.

In Solidarity, protests have been happening at many places including in US. Palestinians, Jews and supporters conduct strikes in New York, Michigan and other places in US. They are interrupting daily business at the Israeli mission at the UN, AIPAC, Friends of the IDF, Senator Schumer’s office, and Golda Meir Square.

In Lebanon, too, people gathered at the border, chanting and waving flags, preparing to cross and march to Jerusalem. Palestinians in Haifa tweeted instructions about which roads to use when entering the country. (One demonstrator was shot and killed by Israeli troops.)

Beyond acts of solidarity, these border protests are declarations of Palestinians’ wish to return to their land. Millions of Jordanian and Lebanese citizens are in fact Palestinians, displaced in 1948 and 1967.

And the border protests are historic. Many have commented that the last time Palestinians were so unified was in 1947, ahead of Israel’s violent founding.

International Community Support for Palestine

Solidarity protests have erupted throughout much of the Middle East, from the Levant to the Gulf to North Africa, signaling the potential for a much broader uprising in the region. 

In London, one hundred thousand marched over the weekend. In Paris, protesters rebuffed a government prohibition on Palestine solidarity demonstrations to turn out in the thousands.

Carrying homemade signs with the slogans “We Can’t Breathe,” “Save Sheikh Jarrah,” and “Free Gaza,” thousands protested in dozens of cities across the United States last weekend. In Washington, DC, ten thousand people in a sea of Palestinian flags marched to demand an end to US funding for Israel’s war crimes. Twenty thousand marched in downtown Chicago.

As Palestinian journalist Amjad Iraqi recently noted, “An extraordinary feature of the demonstrations is that they are primarily being organized not by political parties or figures, but by young Palestinian activists, neighborhood committees, and grassroots collectives.”

Israel Supporting Countries also calling for Ceasefire

US President Joe Biden has also called for Israel to announce ceasefire. US is the biggest ally of Israel since the time of its birth in 1948.


Calls of criticism are also coming from Israel where several Israelis are opposing the bombing and killing of Palestinians.

Israeli Parliament Kenesset’s senior member Mossi Raz has also condemned Israel’s decision to evict Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah by calling the actions “unjust”.

Speaking to Geo News from Jerusalem, Mossi Raz said: “We have to reverse this decision and let Palestinians stay in the place they have lived for the past seventy years.”

Raz said that a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict is not easy to achieve, but is still possible. The only solution to war is peace, he said.

“First and foremost, we have to stop the fight. Both sides have to stop the fight right now, he said.

Mossi Raz is an Israeli politician, who is currently a member of the Knesset for the left-wing, social-democratic, Meretz party.

Meretz is a secular party emphasising a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, social justice, and human rights. It currently has six seats in the Knesset.

Palestinian Nakba is Ongoing: From Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza


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