SKM has issued an appeal to international farmers’ organisations to mark the first anniversary of the historic protests of Indian farmers, on November 26th 2021.

Farmer organisations at Delhi state- The struggle against corporate-controlled food and farming systems is a universal fight to protect farmers everywhere. In the so-called developed world, farmers are a marginalised and distressed lot, and corporatisation of food and farming systems has left them impoverished and weak. It is a paradigm where some countries support the remaining farmers through heavy and ever-increasing subsidies, and a paradigm that the Indian farmers’ movement is questioning in its current agitation.

“Our fight in a sense is for the survival and protection of farmers everywhere, against corporate onslaught and abdicated government responsibility”, says SKM

Birsa Munda, Kartar Singh Sarabha and Veerangana Uda Devi Pasi

Adivasi leader Birsa Munda’s birth anniversary was marked by numerous farmers’ organisations all over the country yesterday. Today is the martyrdom day of Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha of Ghadar Party that fought against the British rule and oppression in India. He was hanged to death in Lahore Central Jail on this day, on charges of conspiracy, at a young age of nineteen years, and today is his 106th martyrdom anniversary. Sarabha was known to be an inspiration for Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Today, the martyrdom day of Veerangana Uda Devi Pasi is also being marked with respect. She was a dalit warrior in the first war of independence in 1857, and fought in the Battle of Sikandar Bagh valiantly against British soldiers.

Modi Government is committing homicide of farmers: SKM

SKM salutes the spirit of Sardar Mahender Singh of Mansa district in Punjab, who got martyred in the movement today. He was a steadfast soldier in the protests for the past 11 months, at Tikri Border’s Pillar Number 817, and was a Member of BKU Kadian. Another bold farmer associated with BKU Ekta Dakaunda, Basant Singh s/o Gurbachan Singh breathed his last yesterday, and SKM pays its homage to this martyr too who sacrificed his life for the cause. SKM places the responsibility with regard to all the lives lost so far, squarely at the doorstep of an arrogant and callous BJP government led by Narendra Modi.

Mobilisations Underway for the November 26th

Planning and mobilisation meetings are underway in numerous places for the November 22nd Kisan Mahapanchayat in Lucknow, and for state level rallies and protests on November 26th. One such planning meeting for Madhya Pradesh is scheduled for tomorrow. Meetings are underway in villages of several north Indian states to mobilise more farmers to the morcha sites as per SKM’s call.

In Bathinda in Punjab, a black flag protest was organised against a BJP meeting. Protests continue in numerous places as fertiliser shortages have become acute, even as the rabi sowing season is underway. Farmers are experiencing great hardships in accessing chemical fertilisers like DAP, and farmers are pointing out to hoarding and black-marketing at higher prices in numerous locations across India. SKM flays the failure of the Modi Government in providing for basic inputs for farming.

Indian diaspora to protest against PM Narendra Modi during the COP26 meet in Glasgow


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