Farmers Uncover conspiracy to kill four farmer leaders and disrupt Kisan Parade

The captured man tells that there was a plan to have one or more teams of ten people to disrupt, incite violence and assassinate the four #Farmer leaders.

Source: Twitter - @PunYaab

Farmers protesting at Delhi Borders held a press conference at Singhu late night on Friday after having uncovered a conspiracy to kill four of the farmer Leaders and disrupt the Parade and Protests planned around Republic Day.

A young man was presented with his face covered in the press conference, admitting to having had been part of the team made for the conspiracy. The man stated that one or more teams of 10 were made for the purpose of disrupting, inciting violence, and assassinating four farmer leaders, whose names haven’t been disclosed but who are popular faces in media.

The youth further stated, “On January 26, there was a plan to create disturbance during the tractor rally by opening fire on Delhi Police personnel, which would prompt them to retaliate on the protesting farmers in a strong manner”.

On being asked several times, the youth answered that he was part of the conspiracy because he was being provided a large sum of money for it. He said that he was receiving directions and further plan of action through a telephone landline whose number he did not have. According to the man, there were two women in the team too, and all members received police uniforms and weapons to lathi-charge during earlier protests as well. Having admitted that he was active in the team for the last two days, he said that he has been threatened to not let any information about the team out, and his family would be killed if he fails to do so. The man was later handed over to Haryana Police.

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The farmers see the conspiracy as a plan to quell their protests and parade planned on and around Republic Day. They say this is a deliberate way to create a wave of fear in the minds of protestors and accept the defeat.

Tens of thousands of farmers have been protesting at Delhi Borders since the second half of November, and have been continuing to do so with sustenance by camping in harsh conditions of winter. The farmers demand the rollback of three farm laws undemocratically passed by the Modi Government and assurance of Minimum Support Price as a legal right to farmers all over the country.


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