Delhi: Delhi police once again mute spectator to pro-CAA rioters violence, Sec. 144 imposed

The violence and rioting started soon after Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kapil Mishra took out a rally against the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protest in Jaffrabad, North East Delhi and gave ultimatums to the police to clear our the anti-CAA protesters.


The Northeast Delhi region saw more incidences of violence and arson violence from Maupur and Chandbagh areas today afternoon.

One police constable named Ratan Lal has died during the riots. Section 144 imposed in parts of Northeast Delhi.

The situation was tense since last night when there were incidences of stone pelting from pro-CAA protesters.

On Sunday, former Delhi MLA and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kapil Mishra took out a rally against the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protest in Jaffrabad, North East Delhi. He also issued a call through Twitter urging people to gather and “prevent another Shaheen Bagh” protest from taking place near the Jaffrabad Metro Station. Soon after, violence broke out, there were instances of stone-pelting and some vehicles being damaged.

There is photographic and video evidence that shows the pro-CAA mob participating in the violence with the complicity of the Delhi police. In many videos, police are seen handing helmets to the rioters. In one video, a man is seen brandishing a gun and firing in front of a cop, but the cop doesn’t respond.


1Leading a pro-CAA rally in Maujpur on Sunday, Mishra had said, “We have given a three-day ultimatum to the Delhi Police to get the road cleared. Get the Jafrabad and Chandbagh road cleared”.

A day after he led a gathering of pro-CAA protesters at Maujpur, Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra Monday appealed the pro and anti-CAA groups clashing in northeast Delhi to exercise restraint, adding that violence is not the solution to anything.

In a gesture that is typical of BJP leaders, Kapil Mishra on his twitter handle has asked the rioters to stop the violence. “Violence not the solution should stop. Delhi´s brotherhood should be maintained. pro-CAA or anti-CAA should stop the violence immediately.

Kapil Mishra’s reply comes a day after he led a pro-CAA protest in Maujpur area of northeast Delhi, shortly after which violence broke out in the area. He has also issued an ultimatum to Delhi police to clear the roads in the pro-CAA rally. He has said in his speech, they ( pro-CAA people) will not listen to even Delhi police if the roads are not cleared.

many also the violence from the pro-CAA protestors instigated by Kapil Sharma speech the day before.

There were also videos where the rioters were seen chanting “Har har Mahadev and “Jai Shri Ram”.



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