Dadi of Shaheen bagh Bilkis detained by Police at Delhi border


Police has detained Shaheen Bagh, 82-year-old activist Bilkis Dadi who reached Singhu border (Delhi-Haryana border) on Tuesday, 1 December, to join the farmers’ protest.

Bilkis ‘dadi’, the icon of Shaheen Bagh protest, on Tuesday extended support to farmers’ agitation in Delhi against the Centre’s three agriculture-related laws. Speaking to news agency ANI, Bilkis ‘dadi’ said the government must listen to the demands of farmers. The 82-year-old woman said she will go to Nirankari ground in Burari and joined the farmers’ protest.

“We are daughters of farmers, we will go to support farmers’ protest today. We will raise our voice and the government should listen to us,” Bilkis ‘dadi’ said. She was the face of a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act at Shaheen Bagh, which became a powerful global symbol of peaceful resistance.

Earlier today, Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad visited the Singhu border entry point on the Delhi-Ghaziabad route where scores of farmers owing allegiance to the Bharatiya Kisan Union are protesting and extended his party’s support to the cause. “I have come to extend support so that farmers don’t feel left alone. Farmers, Dalits, and labourers are all the same. If the farmer will not cultivate his land, how will a labourer run his household?” he said.

Farmer leaders have reached Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi where Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has invited them for talks with the Centre on Tuesday, 1 December.

It is not yet clear if Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will be present at the meeting, even though earlier reports suggested that Singh will lead the Centre’s discussions with farmers.

The meeting is being held two days ahead of the prior date of 3 December, as farmers continue their protest against the controversial farm laws at the borders of Delhi. They protesting farmers have threatened to block off five entry points to the national capital.

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar made the announcement, citing the cold and COVID-19. About 35 representatives of farmer unions will attend the meet with the Centre.


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