Cuba: Pregnant Women, Nursing Mothers and High Risk Groups Get Abdala Vaccine

Cuba, a Caribbean island is the first Latin American country to produce its own vaccine to fight COVID19.

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The Cuban health authorities on Thursday started the COVID19 vaccination of pregnant women, nursing mothers, and patients with transplanted organs in the country. Abdala, the homegrown vaccine is being administered to the people falling under the above-mentioned categories.

The vaccination process includes an initial evaluation of the recipient followed by the administration of the vaccine. The recipients are then being kept under observation for one hour.

Expectant mothers below the age of 19 will not yet receive the vaccine, and those pregnant will be eligible for the immunization once they reach six months of gestation. There have been no recorded cases of Mother-child Covid-19 transmission in Cuba so far but over 2.200 pregnant women have so far tested positive to COVID-19, and 22 of them have died from the disease.

In order to speed up the vaccination process family, doctors will encourage those at epidemiological risk to visit the centers to get the shots. This can be done so in the centers previously selected for their health care.

The Abdala vaccine, domestically produced by the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) in Havana is divided into three doses for Covid-19 immunization. The clinical trials have proved that the vaccine has an efficacy of 92.28%.

This percentage is above the 50% efficacy as required by World Health Organisation (WHO). Cuba, a Caribbean island is the first Latin American country to produce its own vaccine to fight COVID19, an extraordinary feat achieved by the nation given the cruel US economic blockade that makes it nearly impossible for the country to engage in international trade.

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The Phase III clinical research phase of Abdala began on March 22, 2021. Four other different vaccines are under trial as well. Cuba has been successfully manufacturing its own vaccine instead of importing them, even though the nation is facing a shortage of basic medical supplies due to the US embargo.

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BioCubaFarma, the island’s Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Industries Business Group stated that ‘Cuba will have two vaccines that meet the minimum clinical efficacy requirements declared by the WHO.’

The Cuban scientists and specialists predict that by the end of 2021, the entire Cuban population would be immunized against the COVID19. The nation run by the Communist Party of Cuba with its decades of careful investment in the health sector and provisions for universal healthcare has been able to manage the pandemic brilliantly as opposed to big economies like the USA or UK.

Furthermore, the island nation has been helping the world fight the murderous pandemic by sending teams of doctors to multiple nations as part of what the Cubans call ‘revolutionary duty.’

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