British PM Boris Johnson calls off India visit on Republic Day citing surge in Covid-19 in UK

With increasing COVID-19 cases and new Brexit deal, the British PM has too much on his plate.

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expressed his inability to visit India, where he had been invited to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade.

In light of the national lockdown announced last night, and the speed at which the new coronavirus variant is spreading, the Prime Minister said that it was important for him to remain in the UK so he can focus on the domestic response to the virus”.

“The leaders underlined their shared commitment to the bilateral relationship, and to continuing to build on the close collaboration between our countries –including in response to the pandemic”.

“The Prime Minister said that he hopes to be able to visit India in the first half of 2021, and ahead of the UK’s G7 Summit that Prime Minister Modi is due to attend as a guest.”

The Johnson government has been grappling with continuing surge of Covid-19.

It was around mid December that the brief was released that announced Boris Johnson as the chief guest for the republic day 2021.

Boris Johnson is a highly polarising figure in Britain much like Prime Minister Modi. He is the main man behind the rise of British Neonationalism and “Brexit”- The exit of Britain from the European Union. The Brexit referendum which took place in 2016 was drenched in fake news and ran on an anti-immigrant wave.

He belongs to the conservative party of Britain. He retained his Prime ministership as the conservative party got an overall majority in the UK general elections in Dec 2019.

Britain formally left the EU in January, but has since been in a transition period during which it remains in the EU single market and customs union, meaning that rules on trade, travel and business have stayed the same.

That ends on 31 Dec. 2020. If by then there is no agreement to protect around $1 trillion in annual trade from tariffs and quotas, businesses on both sides will suffer.

A great deal was made in the EU referendum campaign about the contributions to the EU budget that would no longer have to be made after Brexit.


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