BJP’s Serial offender Basangouda Patil Yatnal insults Centenarian Freedom fighter H.S. Doreswamy

H.S. Doreswamy is 102-year freedom fighter. He is a celebrated person in Karnataka and has been part of several people's movements.


BJP Basagouda Patil Yatnal’s insulting statements against Centenarian Freedom Fighter H.S. Doreswamy has not been taken kindly by the people of Karnataka. Protests and demonstrations are taking place all over Karnataka.

Two days ago on 25th February, the controversy started when Siddharamaiah had said- BJP has not participated in the freedom struggle and they are talking about nationalism.

Responding to it, BJP’s leader Basangouda Patil Yatnal said- Did Siddharamaiah participate in the freedom struggle? Did Sonia Gandhi participate in freedom struggle? Everone had participated. Vajpayee has also participated.”

“Now there are these fake Freedom fighters. One person called Doreswamy in Bangalore, who is that guy? who is that old fellow? He speaks like a pakistani agent..He continued insulting him saying he is the mouth piece of Congress and JDS”.

As if that is not enough he added-  “Days of feeding biriyani to traitors is over, it is time to shoot at sight”. He also has proudly justified the state sponsored violence in Delhi.

Basangouda Patil is himself facing serious criminal charges (23 Charges) against him and is notorious formaking hateful and communal speeches.

He is recieving severe criticism for his statements from all sections of the society, despite that Vijayapura BJP Minister Basavanagauda Patil Yatnal yesterday refused to apologise.

Centenarian Freedom Fighter H.S Doreswamy

H.S. Doreswamy is 102 year freedom fighter. He is a celebrated person in Karnataka and has been part of several people’s movements for the welfare of people. Recently he has been part of the Movement for land and shelter for the landless people ( Bhoomi matu vasati vanchita horata) in karnataka.

Congress, JDS and Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha ( KRRS) and many progressive forces of Karnataka have condemned the statement urging the state government to intervene and apologise for Yatnal remarks and asked for his removal.


Protests happened yesterday the Land and Shelter movement activists in Raichur, Sindhanur, chikmagalur and Sagar district.

Yesterday Congress also staged a big protest in Vidhan Soudha demanding Yatnal’s removal from the party.



Today several concerned civil society members staged a protest meet at Gandhi Bhawan codnemning Yatnal statements and asked for his apology and removal from the party. They also gave a memorandum to the chief Minister asking that Yatnal should be punished for his statements according to the law.

Minister V. Somanna,housing minister BJp leader has supported Yatnal statement further adding that Dareswamy shpould control his tongue and shpuld not speak against Modi and should not talk about secularism.

BJP with the help of its IT cell has started a dirty campaign against H.S. Doreswamy and planning to ruin his reputation and thereby affect the people’s movement in this way. This will be a big attack on the democratic and plural atmosphere of karnataka. BJP only agenda is in spreading hate and poison.

We need to stand united and not fall for this defamation and negativity on the celebrated figures of the country.




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