AAP election manifesto promises clean water, electricity with Jan Lokpal Bill

AAP does a balancing act of welfare schemes and patriotism in its 2020 Delhi election manifesto.


Four days ahead of Delhi Elections, AAP party chief Arvind Kejriwal has released it manifesto.

Kejriwal government promises to continue with its prime work of providing quality education better health care in Delhi. It also promises to provide 24hour supply of pure water.

Delhi pollution levels that make international headlines and are a cause of great concern for the city also gain prominence in the 2020 Election manifesto. AAP promises to reduce pollution levels to one-third of its current level.

AAP’s top three promises this time are a Delhi Jan Lokpal bill, a Delhi Swaraj bill and doorstep delivery of ration. While the promise of doorstep ration delivery is new, Jan Lokpal and Swaraj bills were part of the 2015 manifesto as well.

In December 2015, the Delhi Assembly had passed the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill- 2015. It is pending with the Centre for four years.

The Swaraj Bill, which is also pending with the Centre, was conceptualised to “devolve power directly to the people” by forming mohalla sabhas and involving resident welfare associations.

The 2020 manifesto, released by senior AAP leaders including national convener and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh, incorporates 28 promises centered around making Delhi a modern city.

“The vision to make our Delhi a modern city and an advanced capital has come out in our work of the last five years and in the template visible in this manifesto,” Sisodia told the media.

To counter the BJP’s rhetoric on nationalism, the 2020 manifesto starts with a vow to “serve and uphold, JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY enshrined in the PREAMBLE to the Constitution of India”.

The fifth point on the manifesto is on a “deshbhakti curriculum”, the party’s plan to introduce a nationalism course in Delhi’s government schools.

The party manifesto of 2015 elections had a 70-point action plan. Some of those promises also find a place in the new manifesto. Reviving and developing Yamuna riverfront and regularisation of unauthorised colonies are the ones that are included in the manifesto. AAP promise to provide justice to 1984 victims of sikh riots also remains unfulfilled and appears in the new manifesto as well.

The 2015 manifesto had a section on women’s safety and minority equal rights.

While AAP doesn’t make any promises to make Delhi any safer for its women, it boasts of free travel for women in bus and metro as its achievement.

AAP is on a sticky wicket with the present anti-CAA protests and this has led to their shying away from making any statements on minorities so as not to be seen as minority appeasement.


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