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From Afghanistan to Latin America: International Politics in 2021

From Afghanistan to the Sahel America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan signalled a subtle change in American military strategy. The continued occupation of Afghanistan had two important functions....

Half a million more may flee Afghanistan in coming months: UNHCR

The UN refugee agency is gearing up for as many as half a million people or more to flee from Afghanistan in a worst-case...

Allies in Afghanistan: Where from here?

With the reestablishment of the Taliban as the new rulers of Afghanistan, we can ask what India's path should be. India used to enjoy...

Afghanistan and the Shifts in the Geo-politics

With the withdrawal of American forces in Afghanistan, the geopolitical balance is shifting. Many are concerned about the implications of a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan on...

US Afghanistan Policy Heavily Criticised by World Leaders

Two young Afghan men falling to death from an American Air Force airplane while trying to escape from the now Taliban ruled Afghanistan are...

Emergence of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan and the Cold War 2.0

The Hollywood movie Rambo III was released in 1988. The main lead US marine John Rambo was played by Sylvester Stallone. Rambo's character fights...

CPIML Statement on Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

Taliban fighters have swept across Afghanistan, taking overall control in the space of just 10 days. The world stood and watched with pain and...

Iconic Images by Danish Siddiqui, the photojournalist killed in Afghanistan

Reuters' chief photographer, Danish Siddiqui, was killed in a clash in Boldak district, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Siddique is a world-renowned photojournalist who won the prestigious...

Danish Siddique, a Pulitzer Winning Photojournalist Killed in Afghanistan

Danish Siddiqui, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Indian photojournalist, who headed the multimedia team of news agency Reuters in India, was killed while reporting in Afghanistan's...

American Defeat in Afghanistan and Implications for the Region & the World

When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, jest roll to your rifle and blow out...